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Lynda Loveland: Momolutions for 2013

Posted January 2, 2013

Lynda Loveland

I used to make New Year’s resolutions, but I was never very good at keeping them. That is, until this year. I came across a few resolutions every mom should make and they make darn good sense.

3. I will accept that I do not enjoy every moment of parenting and I will embrace it. Nothing is perfect, why would parenting be any different? I will savor the fun times and handle the others with grace and dignity, but never again will I feel shame for not enjoying every moment.

2. I will make time each day that's my own. Whether that means a 20-minute drive alone, a hot bath, time at a real (gasp!) gym, or time to read a book, I need some time to be me.

And here’s the biggie.

1. I will not feel guilty about not being Wonder Woman. Just because I grew up wearing a Wonder Woman training bra does not mean I need to -- or can -- do all of the things all of the time. I am one person and I refuse to allow guilt to ruin my life.

Can you imagine NOT feeling guilty about something AND making “me time” every day? I swear I’m going to try! Here’s to being a less-stressed mom in 2013!

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's Bill & Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays. Click here to find her on Facebook.


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  • whatdowehavehere Jan 3, 2013

    Why is it that we even put ourselves in that position of "Wonder Mom". Sounds like you are about to achieve what empty nester's experience cold turkey. You're taking baby steps and that's how it should be.... I'm trying myself. Good luck Lynda!!!

  • acolborn1 Jan 3, 2013

    Hey Lynda,
    These are great! Somehow, I learned these lessons a long time ago. (OK, I'll admit it; I'm a lot older than you.) Just listening to you every morning, I've learned that you struggle with carrying around unnecessary guilt about stuff. Give it up! You're a great mom. One thing that helped me give up "guilt" is when someone taught me to distinguish between real guilt and accusation. If I have done something wrong (sinned) and God's Holy Spirit brings it to mind, I can repent, say "thank you" and go on my way. I don't have to carry around feelings of guilt about that. Once I have repented, if it comes to mind again, it's just Satan trying to hold me down. You will do great this year. Those are wonderful resolutions! Blessings. :)

  • caniac315 Jan 3, 2013

    They sound like great resolutions. But I do remember our house not being spotless. My mom was a hoarder.

  • bjgupton Jan 3, 2013

    Best wishes to keep your resolutions this year - and remember don't pray for patience, pray to find joy in your children and husband and the time you spend with them. They won't remember whether your house was spotless, but they will remember whether Mom had time to spend with them and whether she was happy spending time with them rather than being with them in body but not in mind. Do take time for yourself, it makes for a happy Mom and they will remember that. It took a long time for me to get this - but it does work and my children are 20 and 14 and I am enjoying them more each day.