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Lumberton students drown when SUV plunges into river

Posted December 8, 2008
Updated December 9, 2008

— Lumberton High School is mourning the loss of two students.

Matthew Wayne Britt, 16, and Cory Locklear, 16,  drowned when the SUV they were in plunged into the Lumber River Saturday night. The 16-year-old driver was able to escape.

The state Highway Patrol says Ricky Williams was going about 60 mph when he lost control of the vehicle on Drop Off Drive.

No charges had been filed Monday.


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  • sox Dec 9, 2008

    Prayers go out to the families. God does not promise us that we will have no heartbreak or life without problems. But he does keep his promises and he promises to be there for us when we go through such sorrow in our lives. We just need to have faith in him.

  • LaLa-Land Dec 9, 2008

    There are always people that will jump to conclusions and blame in any situation. What's done is done, there's no need to nit-pick and look for fault. A tragedy has occurred and lives are altered forever. How sad for this child's family. Lose of a young life is always so hard.

  • teacher-mom Dec 9, 2008

    This is such a tragic loss. My sympathy to the familes and loved ones.

  • mmafighterwife Dec 9, 2008

    What it is... is a very sad story and these kids lost their life. I pray for these families!!

  • Lightfoot3 Dec 9, 2008

    It’s not the road’s fault and it’s not the river’s fault. The fault lies with the driver, who was reckless and careless. I grew up within a stone’s throw of the Lumber River. I don’t know how I feel about young drivers. I was mature enough to drive at 16, but clearly some aren’t.

    As for ptahandatum’s anti-god comments, they are FAR OUTWEIGHED by pro-god comments on the WRAL forums. And praying (to one of the gods I assume) was introduced to this article before ptahandatum’s comment. That’s ptahandatum thing. Just like some people can’t post without mentioning god. I don’t think he means any disrespect to the kids, but rather is voicing his frustration at the countless praises to the gods, spirits, and angels that seem in vain.

  • aanda8104 Dec 9, 2008

    Another prime example as to why teenagers should only be allowed to drive during the day, with no cell phone, and no passangers. For those that are going to say that things like this happened when you were a kid yes they did, just like they did when I was in High school the difference. The difference between thattime and now is that my mother and father would have kicked my tush up onside of a hill and down another if me or my friends had tried some of the stuff these kids do. It's only to bad that parents won't be parents and not best friends. In the long run your parents keep you alive, your friends push you to the point of no return.

  • tlbone56 Dec 9, 2008

    These kids dying in car accidents obviously were not mature enough to drive. The two factors that get them every time
    "BOOZE and SPEEDING". And STILL, teenagers don't learn any lesson in these stories. SHAME!

  • dugmeister Dec 9, 2008

    To take a cheap shot at (any) religion as a result of two young people's lives ending is the work of a shallow, thoughtless, cowardly person indeed.

  • doinbizzness Dec 9, 2008

    ptahandatum........WRAL didn't post my original comment so i'll try it in a different way ...maybe a little nicer.......i can't stand people like you that want to bash God everytime you see an opportunity.....the story is about 16 year olds DYING!!!!! you my not have enough class to show some sort of compassion for the family but you do have the ability not to bash our God. whether YOU beleive or not doesn't matter to me but how you take cheap shots at our faith does.

  • childofNC Dec 9, 2008

    There was one too many teens in the car making the driver out of compliance with state law. Very sad situation.