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Lumberton man accused of shooting neighbor

Posted February 2, 2009

— A Lumberton man was due in court Monday after an argument escalated to a shooting on Saturday.

Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said his deputies responded to a shooting call Saturday afternoon on Mud Alley Road and found Stoney McNeill, 54, dead of a gunshot wound.

Joey Lewis, 38, also of Mud Alley Road is charged in the crime. He was arrested and was being held in the Robeson County jail.

Sealey said McNeill had asked Lewis' 18-year-old son to stop riding his four-wheeler on the road. An argument ensued, and Lewis shot McNeill, deputies charged.

Detectives were continuing to investigate the incident, Sealey said.


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  • SeaSoldier Feb 5, 2009

    Let's see, We have a kid tearing up a privately owned dirt road whose Dad is a Felon prosessing a gun. There are numerous laws being broken here dealing with the kid on the four wheeler not even touching on his dad the convicted felon with the gun. I'm sure they were not going to repair the Dirt road (and most private roads in Robeson County are dirt. Just trying to make a few mud holes for the rest of the neighbors. I'm sure they want more mud holes. If Law Enforcement would enforce the laws i.e. General Statutes 14-159.3, 20-171.20,20-171.15, 20-171.19 and 20-171.16 the man maight still be alive and so would numerous others who are killed each year on these ATV's. They are not toys. Ban the Da__ things.

  • dsms6556us Feb 3, 2009

    I hope my comment goes through today I posted one yesterday and it didn't go through. MrsStruds you are missing the whole point. I never said that the shooting was justified or that it should have happened. What I said was unfortunately someone was killed because he got into another argument with another neighbor and because an eighteen year old was riding his four wheeler on the road(probably within his neighborhood). I also said this is a sad situation and its unfortunate that people resort to uncessary violence. My question to you is how do you know that the 18 year old was riding on his neighbors property?

  • egh Feb 3, 2009

    This is my Brother,and he was a good man,he loved his family.
    The man that KILLED my brother shot him and left him in a ditch
    and didn't even call for help,his wife found,so p;ease pray for my family.Gwen

  • bs101fly Feb 2, 2009

    oh I posted a good one today that apparently didn't pass the GoLo cheese test.
    Let's just say, if you move in next to me and you're as ignorant as my neighbors currently are, ....................

  • BlowupDollWithChatAmbitions Feb 2, 2009

    Ol Forrester, Ken Sealey is a good and decent christian man and will work on this case non-stop until everything lines up correctly and a conviction is a slam dunk. I guarantee that it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl on his department's end. He has been trying to clean up the mess left by the previous Sheriff and the deputies charged in Operation Tarnished Badge. I feel for him, because he seriously has a long, hard road to travel in getting that county cleaned up. But, there would not be a better man for the job.

  • mrstruds Feb 2, 2009


    Nevermind its ILLEGAL to ride a four wheeler in the road. I guess if the victim backed out of his driveway and ran over the 18yo then the shooting would have been justified, huh?

  • mrstruds Feb 2, 2009


    Your comment is pretty tacky. And I doubt you would post something like this had it involved one of your family members.

  • mrstruds Feb 2, 2009

    You gotta fight...(boom! boom!) for your right...(boom! boom!) to fouuuuuuuuurrrr wheeeeeeeeeel!

    Your comment is pretty tacky. And I doubt you would post something like this had it involved one of your family members.

  • mrstruds Feb 2, 2009

    As usual - WRAL reports incorrectly. The complaint was the 18yo was riding on the victims property - not the roadway.

  • Ol Forrester Feb 2, 2009

    So few details for something so tragic that happened Saturday. Did the SuperBowl interfere with the investigation or the reporting?