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Lucky fishing trip precedes lottery win for Nash County man

Posted August 6, 2013

— Hours after catching five fish on a Nash County lake, a Sims man on Monday had a dream come true when he won the top prize of $4 million in a popular lottery game.

"I was having a good morning," Will Critzer said in a statement. "And I remembered I had bought that ticket and I went and scratched it. There it was. A good morning got better."

Critzer is the second person in North Carolina to win the top prize of $4 million in the Gold Bullion game. He purchased the winning ticket at the P.K. Mart on Raleigh Road in Wilson. 

Critzer, who took a lump sum check of $1.6 million, came to collect his prize in Raleigh with his wife Donna and two young children. 

"I've got two kids to pay for college and retirement," He said.


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  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Aug 6, 2013

    Congratulations to him! That is a lucky day! WOW! And a scratch ticket, no less.

    I'd retire, if I won that much. If you're careful, you can live on 1.6 million. I have no kids to worry about, but I would pay the house off and most importantly, quit my job! LOL!!

  • akgibson20 Aug 6, 2013

    the state may pass on the annuities if they choose but it doesn't mean they have to. They can sell what's left at a fair market price, take their chunk of it and then turn it to the estate.

  • common tater Aug 6, 2013

    Mean comment about the bass boat and trailer. Get outside your Cary row house once in a while and experience the real world. As for Gravypig, go fishing in early August for bass and see how many you catch...5 is good in 90 degree water. Don't be a hater just because a good ol' boy can now buy and sell you.

  • Obamacare saves lives Aug 6, 2013

    No more trout for the wife, she wants Maine lobster now.

  • oleguy Aug 6, 2013

    Some good ideas,,, But the rental ? I take it you dont own rental houses

  • pulstar40 Aug 6, 2013

    Not true @akgibson20. Many of the lottery games have a guaranteed amount if you take it over time. For example, if the winner of one of the "X amount per week for life" games does not live beyond the term of the guaranteed portion of the win for life award, the rest is paid to the winner's estate. Many of the games with annuity options have the same type of setup.

  • GravyPig Aug 6, 2013

    What made the fishing trip "lucky"? Were the fish massive? or did they jump in the boat? Just catching five fish doesn't seem so lucky, sounds like a run of the mill trip.

  • North Carolina Cutie Aug 6, 2013


  • hsiflee Aug 6, 2013

    that's a lot of lures!

  • thinkb4youspeak Aug 6, 2013

    Lottery winnings are not treated as normal income. You won't pay FICA, unemployment, medicare, etc. It is a flat 33%. It does not affect your income tax rate at all, as it is not considered normal income.