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Lowes Foods Super Doubles brag thread: paid 79 cents for $64.64!

Posted June 8, 2013


Here's the place to share all your great Super Doubles deals and experiences! Let's hear it. How did you do??

On Thursday, I shopped at the Lowes Foods on Hwy 42 and Hwy 50. The cashier was super nice and they actually had everything in stock that I wanted to buy!

Here are my totals:

Subtotal before sales and coupons: $64.64

Total saved: $63.85

Total paid: .79

Saved: 99% - Thank you Lowes Foods!

I bought warm weather summer "essentials" like Luigi's Italian ice, ice cream and Yasso Greek yogurt bars. I also purchased Activia yogurt, Steamfresh veggies, pasta, biscuits and Nutri-grain bars (using a $1.50/1 coupon from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com because I had 1000 points, making the granola bars free!). 


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 10, 2013

    chickabonita9 - welcome to couponing and to this blog! I look forward to meeting you on Saturday. Please come introduce yourself. Congrats on your awesome savings! It really is amazing that we can save so much. We'll talk about produce and meat at the class. I'll see you then!

  • chickabonita9 Jun 10, 2013

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the couponing world. I'm signed up to take the class this Sat. I had my first couponing experience this weekend at Lowes Foods. I got 1H&S Shampoo and 1Febreeze. Total paid = $1.08; total saved = $9.41! I got rainchecks for the tampons, DiGiornio & Alka Seltzer since they were out. This is awesome & I can already see we'll be saving so much money! Now I need to learn how to save on Produce & Meats!

  • DianeNC Jun 10, 2013

    Thanks for the clarification about the Cooked Perfect Meatballs, Faye - thought I was going crazy there, LOL. I was going off the list still posted for the Lowes SD thread (and on this thread), which must be showing some old sale info.

    It is odd, though, that the Lowes employees didn't know that - as I mentioned, one of the LF managers weren't even aware that they carried the product.

    I have similiar experiences to what msgooch shared about at the two local Lowes Foods I've visited, and don't enjoy shopping at LF at all.

  • stephkenner Jun 10, 2013

    I also went to the one at 42/50 on my way home last night. I usually shop at the one on Timber Dr. & they've always been pretty nice to me. Is pent $41 & saved $63. I got 2 boxes of pasta for free & 3 cans of Febreze air freshener, also for free.

  • thosig Jun 10, 2013

    I got most everything on my list Saturday at the Lowes at 42/50. There were out of tampons and Digornio pizza which I was really bummed about.
    I love Lowes Foods and their customer service. The kids that work at the 42/50 store are so nice and helpful! The ones at Timber Dr...not so much.
    I did go back yesterday and there were 2 boxes of tampons on the shelf, I was beyond ecstatic! Still no pizza. Anyone been today by any chance to see if they were restocked?

  • msgooch2000 Jun 10, 2013

    So, I'll start my post positive: I now have a freezer full of ice cream, frozen yogurt bars, and creamy fruit bars and I barely paid $5 for all of it. My boyfriend didn't know what to do with himself lol! (those Fruttare bars are sooooooo good!)

    Now, to be negative: I was reminded why I continue to frequent HT more than LF. I go to my HT at the Cary Park Town Center & I love them! I am greeted by everyone, I say hello to all of them, they are helpful, they talk, they admit mistakes with a smile, all of it. I have YET to go to an LF that even closely matches that atmosphere. The Hwy 55 Apex store was so not fun. Not one employee smiled, they all seemed to hate to be there. When I pointed out that two of my coupons didn't double, you would have thought I told the cashier that her dog died. And to top it off, one of the assistant managers was bagging for me & didn't even step in to help. Even the plastic bags are worse - two fell apart as I put them in the car! Ok, I'm done.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 9, 2013

    Good to hear that you experienced very good customer service. I have seen price differences of up to 20 cents for different Lowes FOods locations. The one on Hwy 42 and Hwy 50 (near Garner) is often higher than the Clayton location by 10 to 20 cents on many items.

  • vlynn Jun 9, 2013

    Shout out to Lowes in Cary at intersection of Tryon and Cary Parkway. Stopped by to get a few items that I didn't get from the Timber Drive Lowes in Garner a few days earlier. I noticed that one item had been on sale 2/$3 at the Garner one, but in Cary it was $1.69, no sale. I asked the manager if the Lowes stores had different sale items. He said, that the prices were different between the stores due to warehouse shipping costs. However, he offered to match the price for me. Boy was I glad since my deal would not have been so good without the sale price. He was very helpful and seemed interested in making my shopping experience at his store a positive one. This was definitely not the case at this same store with a different manager during the last super doubles. I was very impressed and will definitely shop here more often.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 9, 2013

    Diane - the Cooked Perfect are not on sale anymore. It could be that the sale was still going on the first day of SD when I confirmed it online, which happens sometimes, and now it is not. You have no need to contact customer service since it is not on sale on the express lane.

  • DianeNC Jun 9, 2013

    The Cooked Perfect Meatballs aren't showing up as being on sale online. (And they're not in the sales circular as being on sale either). Before I call Customer Service - where are they shown as being on sale? Still think it's odd that one of the managers had not even heard of the product (and told me they don't carry it.)

    Did I mention I hate Lowes Foods? :(