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Lowes Foods closing two Triangle stores on 9/14

Posted August 16, 2013


Lowes Foods announced today that it will be closing two Triangle stores including one in Cary and one in Raleigh.  The Cary store is located at 1961 High House Road, Cornerstone Village and the Raleigh store is at Capitol Crossings at 2900 East Millbrook Road.  The closings will occur on September 14, 2013.

The closing of the Lowes Foods on High House Road in Cary comes only two weeks after Publix announced that they would be opening a location in late 2014 on the same street.  I can't help but wonder about a connection.

From their press release at :

"All employees from both store locations will be offered positions in other area Lowes Foods stores. The closings will not result in loss of jobs. Superior grocery shopping service and experience will also continue to be provided to valued Triangle area customers at the eleven other Triangle locations including stores in Garner, Cary, Raleigh, Clayton and Apex.

Beginning Friday, August 16th, merchandise in both stores will be progressively discounted.

8/16/13 10% off all Dairy, Grocery and Frozen Items*

8/23/13 25% off all Dairy, Grocery and Frozen Items*

9/06/13 40% off all Dairy, Grocery and Frozen Items*

9/06/13 25% off all Fresh items*

*Excludes beer, wine, tobacco, services, lottery and gift cards.

Fresh Rewards, Gas Rewards and store assigned promotions and coupons will be immediately accepted at all other Lowes Foods locations.

Lowes Foods extends its gratitude to affected employees and their families as well as area customers for their dedication, understanding, flexibility and loyalty during this time of transition."




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  • thatGuy123 Aug 18, 2013

    My point is, the raise rate used to be as i recall 7 or 8 %. Then all of the sudden it went down to 3 and now its 2.5% regardless of your performance. You can have FE (Fully Effective) on all categories, its still 2.5% . I'm mean hell - even if you could get a 3%, that's nothing compared to 8%? 3% on a dollar is 3 cents...
    You can be promoted to a new position, or run two departments at the same time - you still get the same pay, whats the point?
    So all employees can take a cut in their raises but here our company is giving out an SUV. How do you think the employees see that?
    Realistically the store manager does barely anything, compared to what I do and have to deal with on a daily basis.
    They also get bonuses from corporate and bonuses from vendors, while the employees are getting further stripped down. How's that not a toxin?

    The HR at LF needs to have an internal investigation done, they do a lot of shady things.

  • tooter9565 Aug 18, 2013

    The raises can be 2-3% that is why people should take their annual review to heart and not feel you are cheated, these reviews are meant to help you improve, people just disagree with them and move on and do not try to work on anything.

    I have worked at four stores getting ready to move again and have not issues with any management nor HR they have been wonderful.

    The gas promo I am sure is at least giving many large households a savings that they appreciate, something is better than nothing when it comes to gas prices.

    I know about the SUV and that was only for the top performers.
    If the store does well the managers get a nice reward.

    I do not understand why employees stay with companies if they are so unhappy it changes the moral of the other employees and becomes a toxin. You control your life and happiness. If this is the job you have chosen then make the best of it RETAIL is not easy.

  • thatGuy123 Aug 17, 2013

    I have worked for Lowes many years (still do), and will tell you they don't care very much about their employees. Why do you think our annual raises are only 2.5% ? Thats a joke.
    Lowes fails to invest into programs that bring customers in, such as GreenPoints (like many of you remember im sure), that was a great program, then there were the 5$ coupons that not everyone liked, but got used to eventually.
    Now its Gas rewards... what people dont realize is that its a horrible promo, you spend 100$ to get 5 cents off a gallon of gas... okay if you drive a sedan with a 12 gallon tank thats .05 c/gal x 12 gal = .60 cents savings. Even if you accumulate 40 cents (which is pretty hard as it is) .40 x 12 = that barely brings you to 5$ in savings, for which you have to go find a gas station either in apex or on capital blvd.
    But yet Lowes' can afford to gift managers SUVs in 2012 (that actually happened).Dont even get me started on the corrupt HR and Upper Management.
    Bottomline,its all downhill

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 17, 2013

    Thanks for checking in tooter9565! I'm excited to hear about the upcoming growth with Lowes Foods and look forward to seeing the changes.

    jdouglas - well put regarding the Clayton Lowes Foods.

  • tooter9565 Aug 17, 2013

    jdouglas, I have heard it is in schedule. I am actually an employee in middle management with almost 30 yrs experience in the business. I work for Lowes Foods and they do treat their employees well better than any company I have worked for.
    I really believe in the direction the company is headed really great exciting changes going to take place for employees and customers......get excited.

  • jdouglas13 Aug 17, 2013

    tooter9565, it was nice to see someone who seems to be an executive here from Lowes. If you're still listening, the store on 70 in Clayton seems to be quite busy most of the time, and is in need of a facelift. Hope to see some positive changes there, because their new competitor is going to be tough -- many of us have been waiting for them with baited breath. It is the new Harris Teeter on 42 East opening in September.

  • tooter9565 Aug 17, 2013

    I want everyone to know that Lowes really appreciates your commitment to our stores. Due to high cost of overhead and low volume in these two stores the company decided to not renew the leases. The populous in these areas have change and we must grow with the times.

    I will let you know that there are plans in the works for new stores in these two markets. There will be great changes in the future with the new president, so please stay excited about Lowes Foods....I know that everyone will be very pleased with the changes.

  • ilovelucy31 Aug 16, 2013

    Hate to see any lowes closing as they are a locally owned business. Just another sign of bigger corporations taking over in situations like this. I hope they don't close any more, although to keep the ones open that they have, they will have to compete a little stronger with other grocery stores. Their prices are high, and with super doubles their employees are uninformed and don't know what's going on and it's not nearly the success of HT events. They need those events to keep people involved. I know I have saved a lot of money at HT, but I've spent a lot there too. More than I ever would have had I not been saving and couponing. Lowes can compete, but they have to let people save to's a win win!!

  • diana123 Aug 16, 2013

    well with pubix there will be even more competition. the more the merrier as far as i am concerned. as long as it does not mean a closure. i seriously miss kroger at new bern address, went all the time for their sales and made the trip on tuesdays only.

  • diana123 Aug 16, 2013

    the one on the millbrook intersection is quiet too. will miss the sales that sometimes i went to get.

    two years ago they sold butter for .99 a lb. wow! and
    the gallon jugs of bleach for .99. have not seen a sale like this since. boo hoo hoo.