Scattered sunshine to arrive slowly Tuesday afternoon

Posted April 30, 2013

— Scattered sunshine will slowly replace low clouds and fog Tuesday afternoon as temperatures climb into the mid-70s, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. 

"We were socked in with fog in some spots this morning," Gardner said. 

Temperatures will climb through the 60s during the morning.

Because of the cool trend that arrived last week, Tuesday's mid-70s could be the warmest temperatures of the next week, Gardner said. 

"We're going to stay in this wet, cool pattern," she said. "Our normal temperatures this time of year are in the upper 70s, but we'll struggle to get into the low 70s for the next several days."

Overnight lows will remain mild, hovering in the mid-50s.


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  • tuckerbrian54 May 3, 2013

    Can't there just be an off season of weather .... like cooler and wet .... Raleigh has had since I've been here (2005) nothing but early, warm Springs and hot Summers going into a warm Fall .... so a change is good, right ? Ya can't always have the same weather. Plus these waether people need to lighten up some too, we're already weather depressed and they keep dragging it on more .... give us a break please !

  • ThomasL May 2, 2013

    Tired of this dam@ rainy weather,come on drought I want no rain for a month and dry for a while.If I wanted this kind or mess I'd move to Rhode island or somewhere up there that has this misty mess all the time.

  • whatelseisnew May 1, 2013

    Did you see your scattered sunshine today. I looked but I was unable to locate it.

  • RaleighNCGuy Apr 30, 2013

    Is it really that "epic"? A cloudy Tuesday afternoon...

  • jblake1932 Apr 30, 2013

    Well 3:34 and all is still cloudy and in the low 60's here! But, what can I say, we are used to this kind of forecasting! Can't wait for the "reason" behind this one! Epic failure!!

  • st5937 Apr 30, 2013


  • mmtlash Apr 30, 2013

    It's still cloudy and in the low 60s! Sun where are you?!?!?!

  • WralCensorsAreBias Apr 30, 2013

    They do the best they can people. I mean really, when most of the staff takes more time off than not what can expect.

    A 50% accuracy rating at best.

  • Half Red Half Blue Apr 30, 2013

    Who wants to place a bet that there won't be sunshine today?

  • jblake1932 Apr 30, 2013

    Lots of drizzle and light rain this morning. WRAL's meterologists says it like this: Ooops, we did it again! We totally missed it!