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Youngsville man: Turn out Saturday to support law enforcement officers

Posted January 1, 2015

— After watching the news coverage of the New York City police officers shot in their cars last month and reading about Durham concerns that officers are being targeted, Steven Preddy wanted to come up with a way to support those who serve and protect.

He used a Wake Forest community Facebook group to invite others to join him on Jan. 3 at the Wake Forest Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff's office.

Preddy is asking that those who can afford it bring a token of support for the officers. "Something small like a coupon to Starbucks or something," he said.

"Even if you don't bring anything, come shake their hand to let them know that they are not alone."

The gathering at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office will be held 11:30 Saturday morning. A crowd is expected in front of the Wake Forest police department at 6:30 Saturday night.

Preddy said he's cleared the rallies with the head of each department, and they were overwhelmed with gratitude.


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  • 50s Child Jan 2, 2015

    "Gork" or whatever, who murdered the loggers, fishermen, pilots, roofers, steel workers, refuse collectors, linemen, drivers, farmers, and construction workers?

  • disgusted2010 Jan 2, 2015

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    None of these work every day protecting you and your families. Why the disdain for law enforcement. Officers have been disparaged and hated enough this year and some people want to give them a pat on the back. I can't remember seeing you throw rocks at the thousands of people who are supported by our tax dollars marching to support criminals.

  • Gork Jan 2, 2015

    "ARFAMR1010" or whatever, better start scheduling additional support rallies --

    The 10 Deadliest Jobs in 2013:

    1. Logging workers
    2. Fishers and related fishing workers
    3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
    4. Roofers
    5. Structural iron and steel workers
    6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
    7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers 8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers 9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers 10. Construction laborers

    (source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2013 /08 /22/americas-10-deadliest-jobs-2/)

  • arfamr1010 Jan 2, 2015

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    Yes!! Thank you for putting your life on the line every day for a meaesly salary to help keep us all safe!!

  • Gork Jan 2, 2015

    Thank you for doing your jobs?

  • BigBrokeBill Jan 2, 2015

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    And not supporting Law Enforcement Officers will only be rewarding the criminal element of these "peaceful" protests. Choose carefully who you do support.

  • imback Jan 2, 2015

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    So what? Maybe it should be the highest single expenditure? Whats your point?
    Oh and what bad behavior are people rewarding by having this rally? Are you blaming the police here for what happened somewhere else?
    What is your chosen profession?

  • stymieindurham Jan 2, 2015

    Please don't reward bad behaviors because you'll only make things worse. Only support the police after they begin to "serve and protect" the public.
    Typical attitude of a "protester" and and "occupier". (remember that bunch? obama supported them as well.)

  • busyb97 Jan 2, 2015

    I hope there is a huge turnout! I wish we could go.

  • arfamr1010 Jan 2, 2015

    Looks like Sanford has started something!! Good for Youngsville!!!