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Lottery luck strikes twice for Durham man

Posted January 23, 2014

Photo Courtesy of North Carolina Education Lottery

— A Durham man has won his second big prize in two years playing North Carolina Education Lottery scratch-off games, this time striking it rich with a $1 million ticket.

Lottery officials said Thursday that Keith McClintock bought both lucky tickets at Tommy’s Mini Mart on Cole Mill Road in Durham.

In April 2012, he won $150,000 on a $5 Aces High ticket. McClintock recently scratched off a $10 Holiday Gold ticket to win $1 million.

He chose to take the money in a lump sum of $415,203 after taxes.

“When I won, it was like, ‘Oh my God – $1 million,’” said McClintock, a small business owner. “It’s amazing.”

He said his first win helped him pay for his daughter’s college education, pay some medical expenses and buy new cars. He’s thinking about using some of the money from his latest win to remodel his kitchen.

McClintock said he also plans to keep playing the lottery.
“Maybe I’ll get a trifecta,” he said.


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  • sunshine1040 Jan 23, 2014

    They may have with held 50% but if he is like most of us what he actually pays will be on his 1040 form and that fall under the privacy act and actually taxes paid will be based on income ,deductions , and credits but he will be paying more then most people in NC earn.

  • snowl Jan 23, 2014

    That large prize amount pays him back for all the thousands that he spent to win the large prize in the first place. Congrats. But I'd say it's time to stop spending and start saving!

  • areyououtofyourmind Jan 23, 2014

    View quoted thread

    Time-value of money formula that's used. Taxes don't take that much. Your winnings are distributed over 20 years. In 20 years the value of a dollar will be much lower today. So, if you care to have all the money now, that it taken into consideration.

  • ncouterbanks69 Jan 23, 2014

    "gotta wonder what the politicians do with that the rest of that dough"

    Most goes to the lazy. Good for this man though I have no issues (except maybe jealousy) with him winning since he owns a business and assumingly did not buy those tickets with free money.

  • iluvjunk Jan 23, 2014

    Congrats! I wish some of his luck would rub off on me...LOL

  • beef Jan 23, 2014

    why did the taxes take more than 50% of his money?

    The million is probably the value of an annuity paid out over 20 years. or so. The cash value is a lot less , then the feds get their take off of that. Anyone other than the government doing this would be accused of deceptive advertising.

  • Earth Brooks Jan 23, 2014

    Why do so many people have a problem with other people playing the lottery? And a big part of them are the same ones preaching about freedom & liberty in the other threads.

  • Tarheel Takeover Jan 23, 2014

    why did the taxes take more than 50% of his money?

  • beef Jan 23, 2014

    Good for him, but I think the general public would be better served if they would also do a few stories about what happened to folks who blew the milk money on lottery tickets and came up with zilch.

  • Steven Jan 23, 2014