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Lottery earnings for state top $2B

Posted June 29, 2011

N.C. Education Lottery

— With its final transfer of the 2010-11 fiscal year, the North Carolina Education Lottery has given more than $2 billion to the state since it began five years ago.

Transfers this fiscal year totaled $446.9 million, which officials said Wednesday was $5 million more than projected when the lottery approved its budget last June.

“There’s been lots of news about reductions in state spending for education, but citizens of North Carolina should know that the lottery’s contribution to education and the state has grown every year,” Alice Garland, lottery executive director, said in a statement. “Without the lottery, those reductions would have been much worse.”

About $27 million of the money transferred to the state this year covered a shortfall in federal Medicaid monies, officials said. The lottery budget required that any excess revenues from the previous year and half of any unclaimed prize money help cover that shortfall.

Almost $6.4 billion in lottery tickets have been sold since the games began in March 2006.


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  • heath7 Jun 30, 2011

    Instead of calling it the "NC Education Lottery," it should be called the "29 percent for education lottery." That is how much of the lottery revenue that goes to education, minus, whatever the Governor or the General Assembly decides to subtract. More than $6 billion has been sucked out of the state's economy by the lottery in the past five years. Less than one third of that has been used for education, yet they have the gall to try to tell us that the lottery is for the chilren. They must think we're fools, and they're partly right, otherwise why would we buy $6 billion worth of chances for such a foolish endeavor.

  • ur1friend Jun 29, 2011

    What a shame to propose education money for Medicaid.

  • fatchanceimwrong Jun 29, 2011

    "About $27 million of the money transferred to the state this year covered a shortfall in federal Medicaid monies, officials said."

    I guess they forgot to name this the education & medicaid lottery.

    "The lottery budget required that any excess revenues from the previous year and half of any unclaimed prize money help cover that shortfall."

    What are excess revenues? We have excess revenues in NC?

  • fayncmike Jun 29, 2011

    There has been TWO BILLION DOLLARS of gladly given funds transferred to the state and there are still people opposing the lottery? There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.

  • Lars Marson Jun 29, 2011

    If the lottery is so GREAT, than why are ALL of the counties in the state of NC having to lay off teachers, teacher, teacher assistants, assistant principals, school counselors...please...all of that money and Pitt County is still laying off teachers who have been in the system for ten years and Wake County's education budget..please dont EVEN get me started with the 'people' in charge of running Wake County schools....seeing eye dogs could do better!

  • dsalter Jun 29, 2011

    Some still question the lottery, saying it's just a way of taking from the ones who have the least...the poor. Poor should be defined two ways. One, the working family who asks for nothing from the government and those who could do a lot more but won't since they're on government relief. The first of the two, if they provide for their families and don't ask the government for a handout should be able to spend their money as they choose. Many of the ones on government relief are going to spend it on gambling anyway. South Carolina and Virginia hated to see this state get a lottery, since more than $20 million poured into South Carolina's lottery in one year alone, not to mention Virginia, Georgia and then Tennessee. By having it here, at least the money, or some of it, stays here to support our schools...not theirs. The lottery in this state should be used as it was first intended, and that was for education. Not to replace funds already being received, but additional funding. But, sinc

  • fayncmike Jun 29, 2011


  • dwr1964 Jun 29, 2011

    So how is it that the state is still broke? Where did all that money go? Why are our teachers getting fired? Why is it that everything is getting cut except the salaries of the politicians and their staff? Why is it that none of these questions have been answered even though they have been asked over and over again? Can you say..........wait for it....... GOVERNMENT!!!!

  • getuone Jun 29, 2011


  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Jun 29, 2011

    Yes, let's stop fooling ourselves. Where is the 2 billion? How about they disclose where every dime went. I don't buy for a second. We have trailers all over the county housing kids and calling them school rooms. What a lie to say we are funding education blah, blah, blah when our little children have to spend their day in such a ridiculous surrounding. What about the fact that the school systems cries like babies non-stop for more money because we need more schools, how come this great farce known as the EDucation lottery hasn't solved those issues?

    As many of my dumb friends will ask, where's all the lottery money? Sure hasn't relieved that trailer and school shortage problem any has it.