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Longtime north Raleigh restaurant closes

Posted January 6, 2013
Updated January 7, 2013

— Casalinga, a longtime north Raleigh restaurant, has shut its doors for good.

The Italian restaurant in the Mini-City shopping center at 4538 Capital Blvd. closed on Friday. It had been open for 18 years.

A statement on Casalingas' website thanked patrons for their support.

"Your support and friendship has meant the world. To us, 2013 is the beginning of new opportunities," read the statement signed by "Josephine and the Casalinga family."

There was no word on why the restaurant closed.


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  • miswiggie Jan 16, 2013

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had my favorite red sauce! It was in a bit of a shady area but maaann that food was so good!

  • proudsoutherner Jan 11, 2013

    sad to see them go no matter what the reason....

  • signify6644 Jan 10, 2013

    Get used to business closing as ObamaCare and The Obama Economy take hold.

  • erinaaronsbaby Jan 8, 2013

    I used to love that place and went all the time. Once Carlo left I stopped going as it went downhill fast. Now that Carlo has opened his own place I go there instead. Casa San Carlo 9660 Falls of Neuse Road #145, Raleigh, NC 27615

    I'm with you, Cenzo.

  • bombayrunner Jan 8, 2013

    recall it was the only place to get a good slice coming from NY in 1994 when they were over on creedmore. could sit the and sip a brew and watch the kids fight and scream at each other making pizza. halarious! but they pumped out some good food.

  • Damien Thorne Jan 8, 2013

    "I drive past mini-city almost daily. I use the cash points a lot. Im white. Ive never had an issue. Not once. You people are paranoid. - vinylcarwraps23"

    My step mother was robbed trying to go into that food lion two years ago. Broad daylight, 2pm in the afternoon. Call anything you want paranoid, but speaking from experience trumps your guesses. To people like you if you do not see it it does not exist.

  • admyank Jan 8, 2013

    Not economy - DIVORCE. They have to sell the assets and split them. He did open a new one over in the middle of Raleigh on Falls.

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 7, 2013

    I drive past mini-city almost daily. I use the cash points a lot. Im white. Ive never had an issue. Not once. You people are paranoid. - vinylcarwraps23

    Exactly, plus most crime occurs at night and not in the middle of the day in a shopping center that is literally right on Capital Boulevard. It'sOne of the BUSIEST roads in Wake county. If people are worried about that during the day than it doesn't take much to scare you period. I've never experienced a problem in that area if I am there during the day. I'm usually at home relaxing at night.

  • ConservativeVoter Jan 7, 2013

    "the comments about the "saftey" of the area are irrelevant if there is a sheriff's notice on the door. You no pay, you no stay.

    People quit going to Casalinga because of the area going downhill and becoming unsafe. Therefore they no longer had customers paying them so they had no money to pay the rent, taxes, and salaries.

    It's all about the area.

    Location, location, location.

  • abaugh Jan 7, 2013

    Awww. Food was great there.