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Local sanctuary provides care to large furry felines

Posted September 3, 2013

— While they may seem cute and cuddly when they are young, the experts at Carolina Tiger Rescue advocate that wildcats are not proper pets. Carolina Tiger Rescue is a nonprofit organization located in Pittsboro. The 55-acre sanctuary is home to 70 animals, including tigers, ocelots, binturongs and more.

The staff and volunteers at Carolina Tiger Rescue work diligently to save and protect wildcats by:

  • rescuing cats from the wild
  • providing life-long sanctuary
  • educating the public
  • conducting non-invasive research
  • advocating for action to maintain wildcats in sustainable native habitats

Amanda Byrne, staff photographer, explains Carolina Tiger Rescue as, “a retirement home for wildcats.”

“It’s a place where they can come and have a life-long home,” Byrne said. More than 50 acres of chain-link fence-enclosed open space give these cats enough room to live comfortably.

Aria, is among the newest additions at Carolina Tiger Rescue. She was rescued on May 22 by a team from Carolina Tiger. Aria was purchased by a South Carolina family as a pet and kept in a 20-by-20 foot cage. When she was first brought to Carolina Tiger, her fur was in poor condition; she couldn’t eat and was 200 pounds underweight.

“I was angry. I was afraid she wasn’t going to live through the day because she was in such horrible shape,” said Byrne.

Aria is now nursed back to health and has nearly an acre of her own land to roam and play. Aria’s former owners have even come to see her and verify that she is in a good place.
Surprisingly, in North Carolina, there are no state laws prohibiting keeping tigers as pets. Some counties and cities do have statues.

Providing compassionate, quality care for Aria and the other animals at the sanctuary comes at a very high cost. If you would like to help, the organization says donating money towards feeding the cats is the best way to assist. Visit: http://www.carolinatigerrescue.org/ for more information.

Carolina Tiger Rescue
1940 Hanks Chapel Rd.
Pittsboro, NC 27312


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