Editorial: Local legislators must focus on growth, opportunity, not micro-managing local government

Posted November 4, 2016

A CBC Editorial: Friday, Nov. 4, 2016; Editorial# 8077
The following is the opinion of Capitol Broadcasting

The Triangle NEEDS representatives in the General Assembly who are interested in the people that elected them. Public schools, higher education, infrastructure improvements, dealing with a huge growth rate, supporting the research environment and enhancing the quality of life for everyone should be their focus.

The area DOES NOT NEED legislators obsessed with dictating to the county commissions, school boards, city and town councils in the area. Nor does it need lawmakers who want to impose their own rigid social and behavioral agendas on the rest of us.

The crowd in the legislature that passed HB2, slashed taxes on the rich and shifted the burden to the middle class has had their unfettered way for the last six years. Their paternalistic, trickle down policies have hurt the overwhelming majority of hard-working North Carolinians. Our state is treading water and is no longer an engine of opportunity.

As we’ve seen most recently with the Costar Group’s decision to take 730 jobs to Virginia -- and not North Carolina, our misguided social-engineering legislature comes at a high price. Even though the state offered CoStar millions more than Virginia in tax breaks and other incentives, HB2 was a deal breaker. The state and Gov. McCrory have even become the subject of sarcastic ridicule in Virginia.

North Carolina’s brand is broken and the Triangle is paying more than its share of the price. You would think that this area’s legislators would fight back, but that simply has not been the case.

Incumbent state Sens. Chad Barefoot, Tamara Barrington and John Alexander along with Reps. Chris Malone, Nelson Dollar, Marilyn Avila and Gary Pendleton seem to think they were elected to the Raleigh City Council, the Wake County Commission or the Wake School Board. They spend more time micro-managing local governments than helping them. Not to mention all their actions have resulted in needless and expensive litigation (particularly dictating county commission and school board districts), confused citizens and local officials and have distracted from focusing on the very real needs Triangle communities must confront.

For those who may not think the need is urgent, consider this:

  • Wake and Durham counties are among the nation’s 100 fastest growing
  • Every day, Wake County adds 62 more people to the population – 22,630 a year. That’s equal to emptying out the entire population of Kinston every year and moving them to Wake County.

These newcomers need jobs, schools, parks, housing, basic utilities and public safety services. And yes, they need the kind of quality of life that comes with thriving metropolitan areas.

The needless meddling needs to stop. Elect legislators that will support the Triangle.


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  • Matt Nickeson Nov 4, 2016
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    Should I take your post as the definition of the reasoned and educated approach of a highly progressive and enlightened person? If so then then the progressive movement is very much in danger as it is demonstrably neither progressive nor enlightened.

  • Alan Womack Nov 4, 2016
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    The definition of insanity: Coming back to WRAL over and over again suddenly expecting them to become a right wing outlet of propaganda supporting your idiotic and skewed outlook of reality, rather than the "Liberal Media" mouthpiece you've called it over and over, every day, ad nauseum for the last 10 yeas. Either they are a "Liberal Media" outlet, in which case WHY OH WHY is it such a surprise to you EVERY SINGLE TIME they post an article that it has some liberal (by liberal, we mean centered in reality and fact) when you've just accused them of BEING liberal? Your insanity would be amazing if not for the fact that by now, we simply expect it of you.

  • Will Sonnett Nov 4, 2016
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    CBC's obsession with HB2 is almost as puzzling as its refusal to cover scandalous and criminal behavior of Hillary and the Democrats and the Clinton Foundation. I would imagine that after the election HB2 will go on the back burner and the liberal media will all of a sudden discover the corruption of the Clintons and the Democrats. Maybe.

  • Uben Had Nov 4, 2016
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    Once again WRAL sends an email at 7:00 am with the subject: WRAL.com News Headlines

    Inside the email is another title: TOP STORIES

    Under Top Stories, WRAL lists this editorial.

    This is just another example of WRAL wanting to make the news rather than report it.

    Get a clue WRAL!

  • Steven Brown Nov 4, 2016
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    I wish liberal media outlets like CBC would follow suit and leave NC also....

    Can't make their agenda win over voters by means of actual journalism so they resort to constant editorials that only serve to degrade those of different viewpoints. Like it or not, part of the job of higher up elected officials is to govern smaller local governments, I.E., HB2.

  • Matt Clinton Nov 4, 2016
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    I actually agree with the basic sentiment of bigger governments staying out of local government affairs. I just hope that when a local municipality enacts their own equivalent to HB2 you remember that you said this. Mr. Editor.