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Littleton man gets probation for tossing puppies into creek

Posted March 11, 2011

— A Littleton man has been placed on probation for putting nine puppies in a bag and throwing them in a creek last fall, authorities said.

Mark Scott Lane, 50, pleaded guilty Wednesday to seven misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail, suspended to three years on probation and a $200 fine.

The pit bull-mix puppies were put into a large, plastic bag and then thrown into a creek near Weaver Chapel Road sometime between Sept. 9 and Sept. 10, authorities said. A nurse who lives on Lake Gaston said she was taking a walk when she heard strange noises coming from the creek and spotted the bag and rescued the dogs.

Two of the puppies were dead when they were put in the bag, and the other seven died within a week.


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  • alwaysamused Mar 14, 2011

    okay, here come all the irrational animal lovers calling this "murder." animal life is not human life, nor should it be compared to human life. fortunately, those who make laws and determine offenders' sentences are able to put their emotions aside and distinguish between the two.

  • hellorhighwaters Mar 11, 2011

    And this is all that he gets for killing nine puppies? I realize they were not human lives, but it was life! Nine little puppy lives. For him to be so cruel and thoughtless in what he did, makes me wonder what type morales was this person raised on.
    He seems to have no competion, no shame, no care.

    Is this what resustion has done to us.
    Make us just get read of a life because we don't want to feed it?
    That's sad!

  • dakota_loves_me Mar 11, 2011

    Where is the justice system at? Consider those puppies the lives of nine children. Would he still get away with murder if that was the case? I would say he would. This is not right.

  • mulecitybabe Mar 11, 2011

    fishon - You need to stop with those drugs. There is NO excuse for what that excuse for a man did. There is NO excuse for the lack of punishment he received. He needs to be in prison for a good spell, and the judge needs to spend some volunteer time at the spca.

    Losers, both.

  • fishon Mar 11, 2011

    The dog was the man's loving per for many years. The mother dog had puppies and she died from complications to birthing. The man is distraught over losing the dog that was his companion for all those years, the puppies are hungry and crying, he does'nt know what to do, so he puts them in a bag and throws them in the creek.

    Now are all of you ready to throw him in the creek to drown? He doesn't deserve to live? What a group of wonder human beings here...

    I made the story up, but since we don't know the whole story let's not put the guy in the ground just yet.

  • estrauch Mar 11, 2011

    WHAT???? PROBATION???? You have got to be kidding me? He gets away with murdering 9 puppies just like it was nothing. I agree, the Judge in this case should be ashamed! Clearly NO JUSTICE WAS SERVED! The puppies that were still alive died a slow death of starvation. To me, that is just as cruel as setting a dog on fire. I am just so dumbfounded at the lack of punishment, that I don't even know what else to say! Un-freakin believable!

  • Desiderata Mar 11, 2011

    The only prayers this guy needs is to hope and oray ,,No he does not deserver to even be BREATHING right now! .Disgusting excuse for a human being...Hope he gets to enjoy the same experience of those poor puppies...SOON!

  • jrfergerson Mar 11, 2011

    bolotrail - I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU and the courts continue to fail us daily!!!

  • think01 Mar 11, 2011

    The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog.

  • bolotrail Mar 11, 2011

    probation?!!!...WHAT is wrong with the justice system in this country. Boy let me tell you..if I was in charge some of the things people do to other people and animals...would be done to them tenfold.