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Listen to the moderate Muslim voices

Posted December 17, 2012

There have been Muslims living in North Carolina for decades. In fact, some of the very first Muslims in our state were African slaves who were brought here in the 18th century. People just didn’t really take much notice of the Muslims around them until 9/11 and other high profile acts of terrorism committed by radical extremists claiming to be Muslims. Those acts have helped fuel what some call Islamophobia, which is fear of Muslims and Islam.

Should we be afraid of radical Islamic extremists? Absolutely. We should be afraid of radical extremists of any kind. They are not exclusive to Islam. Experts say Islamic extremists represent a very small minority of Muslims. Unfortunately too many people assume that their beliefs represent the beliefs of all Muslims. The Muslims I’ve spoken with don’t approve of the actions of Islamic extremists any more than the Christians I know approve of the actions of a Baptist preacher who burns the Quran.

Some people ask where the moderate Muslim voices are. They’re hard to hear when the extremists get all the media attention. Fortunately we have the opportunity to let you hear some of them in our documentary “Faith, Fear and Freedom”.


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  • itsyoureternalsoul Dec 21, 2012

    I am confused about the scope of this "documentary".
    All the Islamic people in the U.S. are "coasting" on the blessings and freedoms of Christianity and/or Judaism.

    Jesus Christ warned us of false prophets to come after Him-- that we would be able to discern by their wives, girl-as-gift acceptances and making armies to go conquer infidel lands.

    Jesus Christ told His followers that the day was coming when murderers would murder His followers and the murderers would think they were doing a service for god.

    What are the fellow Muslims doing about "violent fundaMentalist Muslims"? Nothing.

    Any seeker of information about Islam needs to find out the spiritual ways Holy Prophet Mohammed:
    A) Made money.
    B) Married his wives and their ages.
    C) Built an army and invaded.
    D) Treated other religions [infidels].
    E) Subordinated women. F) Started hating Israel

    Allah does not love. Neither do the followers of Allah. THERE IS NO IDEOLOGY ON EARTH AS CRUEL AS ISLAM

  • uragoner2 Dec 20, 2012

    That's all fine and good to hear. The problem is the Koran and the hadiths which repeatedly declare harm to Christians and Jews. Even declaring that the day will come when Jews hiding behind rocks or trees will be revealed by the rocks and trees themselves. If you don't believe in the changes to the Bible accounts that the Koran claims to correct, you are haram and subject to attack. My question to the media is why doesn't any one bring these verses up when interviewing "moderate" Muslims ? After all they are the impetus of all the bombings and terrorist attacks we witness almost daily in the news.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 18, 2012

    "Those acts have helped fuel what some call Islamophobia, which is fear of Muslims and Islam."

    I always love how the left makes up garbage in order to justify their bigotry. This is not about fear of a Muslim or a religion, it is about concern for the killing in which they love to engage as they practice their Religion of Peace. they kill worldwide. They kill everybody and anybody. I guess to the left that represents moderation. Now of course it is not all Muslims, but unfortunately there is no special detection device that shows Good Person or Bad Person. Muslims should be angry at those that are committing acts of violence and terrorism. Those are the folks that are placing them under suspicion.

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