Liquor bill would curb single-use permits

Posted April 2, 2013

— Nonprofits, political parties and others who use a special one-time Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission permits would have to apply at least 10 days in advance under a bill that cleared the Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday. 

Sen. Andrew Brock, R-Davie, said the special permits were being abused by people who either didn't qualify to hold permits or were throwing events in "dry" areas where alcohol sales weren't allowed. Those individuals, he said, were getting permits on a Friday, but Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement officers would not find out until after the event was held.

"It gives the ABC Commission time to find out if, where they're selling alcohol, it's actually allowed by law," Brock said.

Another feature of the bill would require those applying for ABC permits to prove they're in the United States legally. That measure came at the request of law enforcement, he said.

Nobody spoke against the bill, but a representative of the ABC Commission pointed out that lawmakers might want to think carefully about the bill.

That's because it would apply to political organizations throwing events to raise funds. During busy campaign seasons, particularly during presidential election years, big name politicians often arrive in the state at the last minute. Some of those events are held in locations where special one-time ABC permits are required. 

The measure cleared committee and is headed to the Senate floor.

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  • wral mods blow close my account Apr 2, 2013

    Again where are the Job bills GOP? Just more holy roller stuff.