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Linden woman gets 10 years in prison for Medicaid fraud

Posted September 10, 2010

— A Linden woman was sentenced Friday to 10 years in federal prison for defrauding government health care programs of almost $1.9 million, authorities said.

Sandra Elliott, 47, pleaded guilty in January to aiding and abetting health care fraud. In addition to her prison sentence, she was ordered to pay $1.88 million back to the government.

Elliott operated the Learning Links Education Centers in Dunn and Fayetteville, which provided psychological and speech therapy services for children.

Prosecutors said Elliott filed bills for therapy sessions that never happened, employed non-licensed personnel and provided unwarranted therapy.

Tricare, the military equivalent to Medicaid, lost $1.17 million in the scheme, while Medicaid lost $712, 548, authorities said.

Federal agents seized more than $345,000 in assets to help repay the government, including a 2008 Fleetwood Terra recreational vehicle, a 2009 Lexus GX470, a 2008 Chrysler 300 and cash from various bank accounts.


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  • almagayle50 Sep 17, 2010

    The State seems to target fraud to the east and west of the capitol but ignores the fraud here in the piedmont.

  • Lickad Sep 10, 2010

    I have nothing against the (blame current administration) mindset here.

    If we wanted real change, we would have voted in the Green Party candidate... that nutjob Cynthia McKinney. I put up some campaign signs for her on the last election on the corner of Fairview and Oberlin... none of them lasted 12 hours.

  • Squirreling Dervish Sep 10, 2010


    Well said.

  • lockinlady Sep 10, 2010

    "Why is medical insurance and healthcare costs skyrocketing? Obama is barking up the wrong tree."

    What on earth does this have to do with Obama? Sandra Elliott has been doing this for years and started it during the Bush administration.

  • Sidekick Sep 10, 2010

    Living the hi-life off-en da public's dime.

  • wat63 Sep 10, 2010

    Lagrandedude, Are you serious? It's obvious by your "educated" comments that you don't know what you're talking about. Again, when you have no answer watch Fox and blame the president.

    But thanks for playing...Einstein.

  • kidrocksfubu Sep 10, 2010

    yo please dnt talk about my mother tht way she is a good woman and she is completly innocent. the real criminals tht brought this upon she and my family are prolly watching this on the news rite now laughing their behinds off but i dnt think tht is fair. and she was a single parent of 1 she made sure i had the best and then all becuz of 3 jelous enployees in her buinesss she could face up to 10 years

  • hazeyc Sep 10, 2010

    I'm glad she got the time she did. I'm tired of reading about people who think they can just rip off someone to fund their lifestyle. Get an occupation that will support your lifestyle - or get a lifestyle that your occupation supports. So, 10 years of her life just for a Lexus and other toys. Studies show these things don't make you happy. I hope she felt guilty every time she used them.

  • kstor33 Sep 10, 2010

    Sandra Elliott, 47, "pleaded" guilty in January...so she "pleaded" guilty,huh? I would have thought she would have "pled" guilty...hahaha.
    Prosecutors said "Linden" filed bills...when did she change her name from Elliott to Linden?
    Did WRAL let go of their editors?

  • La_Grange_Dude Sep 10, 2010

    wat3, the healthcare reform did hardly anything to stop the fruad and abuse. This was more about getting free healthcare for alot of people that could get off their lazy behinds, get out and get their own health insurance and pay for it like most hardworking americans do. If he was sincere about the reform part, republicans and democrats alike would have been on baord with his plan. This man is the biggest joke this country has seen since in years. He is a rookie in the Whitehouse and it is showing now.