State park fees increasing

Posted April 29, 2010

— Fees charged for camping, swimming and renting picnic shelters in North Carolina state parks are increasing for the first time in six years, according to the state Division of Parks and Recreation.

The fee increases, which go into effect Saturday, are part of the state budget created last summer by the General Assembly as it worked to close a $4.5 billion shortfall.

Among the increases, the fee for camping will rise from $15 to $17 a night, admission to some swimming areas will go up from $4 to $5 a day, and renting a medium-sized picnic shelter will cost $70 a day instead of $60. Other fee increases affect cabin and boat rentals.

Park officials said in a statement that fees help offset the cost of visitors service at state parks. They said that North Carolina's fees are in the mid-range for similar state park systems in the southeast United States.

Admission to all state parks and recreation areas is free. Jordan Lake, Falls Lake and Kerr Lake charge a $6-per-vehicle parking fee as a condition of their lease from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


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  • Dartman1955 Apr 29, 2010

    cam7002- Sounds like you good at killing yourself! Good riddance

  • Home Schooling Mom Apr 29, 2010

    Our family camped at Poplar Point Campground on Jordan Lake for a week during Easter. We were concerned about the lights not working in the restroom building, so my husband spoke with the maintenance manager. After brainstorming the cause of the outage, the manager told my husband that conditions would worsen due to maintenance employee layoffs and cut-backs. During peak season the park needed over 10 employees to keep up with garbage collection, facilities maintenance, and grass mowing. This season the park will only have 2, the manager and ONE employee. In response my husband asked if we should bring our own weedeater to clear our campsite next time we came, and the manager said that would be a good idea.
    Knowing this, I am a little ticked off that the State is increasing the fees. In May when we camp again at Poplar Point, I will be mad if none of the money from increased fees is used to hire more maintenance workers.

  • JMB Apr 29, 2010

    While we are talking about the new reservations system: We are avid campers. We plan. We show up early in order to get a campsite. The reason they set up this reservations system is because the people who didn't PLAN, and schedule, would come wandering into the park at dusk on FRIDAY NIGHT, drive endlessly around looking for an empty site, and get into a major domestic because they had all the kiddies, their stuff loaded and no where to camp. So, enough of these whiners complained and now they can reserve a site, so then they can mosey in any time they want. RESULT: We will sit at our now "reserved campsite" and watch many campsites sit EMPTY. While people who are ready to set up, may have not had reservations --but are looking for a non-reserved site. When they find out that the empty ones are "reserved", they have to leave to see if they are lucky elsewhere. Meanwhile --the "reserved sites" stay EMPTY...because mommie and daddy couldn't get their act together to get to the site they

  • cam7002 Apr 29, 2010

    Uh oh, ncguy has revealed himself as a "birther". Not only is Obama a "ferner", but every Latino in the parks is a "ferner", too, huh, ncguy? Why don't we just have cops set up roadblocks everywhere (at no cost to anyone, right?) and check everyone's dna to see whose family is REALLY American, and if you don't have at least one ancestor that came over on the Mayflower, we'll take away the welfare you must be getting ... unless you can recite the Second Amendment. Sheesh, the right-wingers kill me.

  • cam7002 Apr 29, 2010

    Boo hoo! Everybody is getting SSI and foodstamps and welfare, and I am the only one working! Boo hoo! I see illegals in every park I visit. Boo hoo! All the illegals are buying drugs with the welfare, foodstamps, and SSI they learned to steal at the community college, and now they are sneaking into the parks to wander around high, while I toil away "supporting" them at work by posting on GOLO. Boo hoo! The courts are packed with activist judges who worship the devil because Glenn Beck said so. Boo hoo! The liberal establishment is busy trying to take my guns by recruiting gay elected officials who all are in cahoots with Bev Purdue. Boo hoo! Everything the government does means I have to pay more taxes that I should never ever have to pay unless it's to erect a cross in the Mojave Desert. I think I'll call up some fellow John Birchers to join me sipping tea and howling at the cheese-filled moon.

  • JMB Apr 29, 2010

    The same thing with President Bush. Where was your complaint then?

  • wildervb Apr 29, 2010

    Funny, to hear conservatives complaining about fees to a public park. If they had their way they'd be no park system at all, after all that socialism.

    Private campsites cost double what you pay in a state park.

    If we turned our parks over to private enterprise we'd probably have no access to our lakes and mountains.

  • ncguy Apr 29, 2010

    I think they should ask for A copy of your birth certificate or passport. The Latinos have taken over the swimmimg areas, let their children run rampant and leave a mess.

  • Pseudonym Apr 29, 2010

    Quote from no contest:

    "I thought Obama wouldn't raise taxes? Well, if Obama gives less federal money to the states then the states need to raise cash somewhere. I love it! Hope and change is here campers."

    I hate quotes like this because they put me in a position to defend Obama and agree with wildervb. AAACK!

    This is a reasonable increase. It's not going to break the budget of any Boy Scout troop anywhere. And Obama had nothing to do with it.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Apr 29, 2010

    You "Maybe this will thin it out" people think it's a good thing? Doesn't really work that way. If they raise prices, and it doesn't INCREASE revenue, then they raise them again...and again....and again. Get the picture? If you all actually added up the TAXES and FEES you pay for everything you use/buy/do, then the costs DO ADD UP to about 50-60% of what you make.

    If you don't care that the government is getting even more of your money, and waisting it, then that's fine...I for one am NOT happy with this, so you're going to hear it every chance I get.