Gas prices creeping up as Labor Day weekend approaches

Posted September 1, 2011

Gas Prices

— Travel experts predict about 900,000 North Carolinians will fill up their gas tanks and hit the road over the Labor Day holiday. Gas prices fell in the first half of August, but they're creeping up again.

Driver Mitch Rosen said he was “relieved” Thursday to find gas for $3.61 at a Raleigh gas station on Duraleigh Road. 

“I expected at this point in history, gas would be much higher,” he said.

Another driver, Shirley Hackett, wasn’t as happy as she filled up at the same station.

“Oh my goodness. It's terrible,” she said.

Spending $3.61 per gallon is slightly lower than the average gas price in Raleigh, according to’s Fuel Tracker, but the price is slowly rising.

gas Gas prices creeping up before Labor Day

Hurricane Irene shut down oil refineries in the northeast, which could increase gas prices over the next few days. AAA Carolinas spokeswoman Jodi Woolard says drivers might pay a few more cents per gallon over the holiday.

There are no reported price spikes, but “you have to consider it's still up 98 cents over this time last year,” she said. Last Labor Day, the average price in Raleigh was $2.60 a gallon.

Hackett says gas prices won’t make a big difference in her Labor Day plans, but she wishes she could spend her money on other things, “like trips,” she said.


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  • geosol Sep 2, 2011

    Don't worry folks!! The REPUBLICAN NC legislature will lower the gas tax, just like they promised. WWHHHHOOOOPPPPSS!!!! OK, maybe they won't. Those nice oil company bucks sure can take care of a lot of misplaced campaign promises, can't they?

  • MudLife Sep 2, 2011

    I'm tired of these gas prices. Getting gas constantly with my 88 miles (roundtrip) commute to work. I'm working for gas pretty much. Wheres my break? Though i ain't complaining cause i need a job so i just smile and thank God.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 2, 2011

    They got ya, and there is nothing the goverment can do about. Why should they, it would be cutting their own throats. You'll pay what they ask, no one I know is going to quit driving. I'm just mad I don't have the fly car I was looking forward to in 2010....

  • whyalltheproblems Sep 2, 2011

    This is awful and disgusting. So ridiculous. I could understand if the oil prices were up around $150/barrel, but they aren't. I am disgusted by the fact the price jumps when oil prices go up, but stagnate when oil prices go down. I don't blame the gas station owners at all...they are bound just as much as we are. Karma better be a'comin soon to the oil companies.

  • delilahk2000 Sep 2, 2011


  • barbstillkickin Sep 2, 2011

    Why does Obama let this happen. It is obvious gas price gauging. I was under the impression this was illegal. Woops my fault he is not very legal himself. This is what happens when a man has little experience and we elect him. I am tired of these holidays and this country allowing the gas company's raise gas prices just because people are going to travel. What happened to our country.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 2, 2011

    GOLO member since January 19, 2008
    Your point is taken, but I commented that other products that use oil has not increased as much as gas has, and you state the same " not at the rate as fuel".. So we are saying the same thing. As for the use of plastic, since the start of recycling, a drop in virgin plastic has happen. Yes, if we stop using so much plastic, there would be a drop, make sense. Now for gas, they raise and lower production to keep demand at a given level that produces the best profit possible.

  • chevybelair57sd Sep 2, 2011

    As long as the oil industry gets away with all the lame excuses they produce for rate increases, we'll continue to pay. What we need is a law forbiding politicians from owning or profiting from these companys, then we'll have a meaningful energy policy.

  • common_sense_plz Sep 2, 2011

    Rebel, I beg to differ...anything packaged in plastics have increased, not at the rate as fuel but has increased. For example laundry detergent which is a must have and packaged in plastic and the top 4 brands are..Tide @ a cost of 12.97-17.97; All 10.97; Cheer 10.97-15.47; Wisk @ 9.87. Not to mention the cost of bottled water. Their is more oil used in making plastics than than Fuel. Now if we stopped buying items in plastic it would increase the amount of oil to where there were an over abundance to the point of nearly flooding the market with oil to the point to where prices at the pump would fall, because when you have an abundance and want to move it, you sell it CHEAPER. If we stopped with all the plastic or drastically reduced our use, then the demand for oil would drop. and NO i'm not a tree hugger, I just know that we all use a great deal of items in plastics.

  • twc Sep 2, 2011

    Oil prices, and thus other prices, will not get any lower as long as Republicans are pledged to do what their wealthy constituents want them to do.

    Obama is getting tagged with the blame but the majority of the people know who really is at fault. Anytime someone has pledged to do anything regardless of the situation that's when you need to take a look at who is in charge. Big money, big oil! Follow the money, it's that simple.

    Some believe they should have an extremely disproportional share of the pie. Their Republican puppets help them achieve that. The puppets are getting enough to make them believe they are doing really well. And they are; compared to those who are struggling to make ends meet for their families.