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Posted March 18, 2011

Thanks to all of you who were brave enough to share your strange habits. I laughed. I cried. I fell out of the chair and almost collided with Rufus!  But the little guy is okay.

All right. We had a contest. I just pulled a name from the hat. The winner is grannybam07. Congratulations on winning two tickets to the Bill Leslie & Lorica Concert at Johnston County Community College, March 26th at 7:00PM in the beautiful Paul Johnston Auditorium.

I’ve got another question for you today. How did your marriage proposal play out? I’ll hand out two more complimentary tickets to the Lorica Concert with the most interesting story.

Let me start with my story. Go back a “few” years to a Dairy Queen parking lot in Cary. With chocolate dipped vanilla cones in hand a young Cindy Miller actually proposed to me in my car. I had just received a job offer in Norfolk and I think she was afraid I might get away. She still had a lot of school in front of her but we managed to make it work. I took the job in Tidewater where she enrolled at Old Dominion. We married in Cary and before she could start school at ODU I accepted a huge offer to work in Houston at KULF Radio. Cindy then transferred to the University of Houston and received her undergraduate degree there. After three years in Houston we moved back to Cary where I took the job as news director at WRAL FM and the North Carolina News Network. Cindy then got her masters in speech pathology at UNC.  By the way, there was a famous usher in our wedding - Rick Dees.

What is your love story?


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  • plum Mar 19, 2011

    I interviewed my husband for whay would be a very challenging position. He was fresh out of grad school and I felt a little too idealistic to handle the position (having worked in the same position for threee years). Long story, I did not give him a positive recommendation, but he was hired anyway. We never dated, but often went out with co-workers o dinner, etc. His first day at work was in August, about 7-8 weeks later we were sitting aound one evening talking and he kissed me goodnight. He told me that for him it was love at first sight (despite the fact he knew I had not wwanted him hired)! Two days later he proposed. We married 14 months later and this year will celebrate 28 years of marriage. He is still the love of my life and I believe in all my heart, my soul mate. I only hope I am blessed with another 28 years with him.

  • scotlandlover Mar 18, 2011

    When my boyfriend Patt and I had been dating for a few years,he took me to Paris.Now,mind you, I am originally from the small eastern NC town of Grifton so to go to Paris is a dream to be sure.
    During our wonderful trip,I kept hinting at a proposal every time we stopped on a bridge.Paris is magical and the bridges are very romantic,especially at night.Well,men are a little slow figuring things out because after five bridges....nothing.I had nearly given up until, on our last morning with a cup of coffee in his hand, he asked me would I have him for the rest of my life.That was it,the proposal that I had wished for all over Paris.It was here at last and although it was not perfect,he is.We're still going strong 4 kids,two dogs and two cats later.

  • jpittard2 Mar 18, 2011

    A dear friend told me it was time to stop mourning the failure of my first marriage and arranged a night out for me. She took me to a 'family' bar to meet her friends. Steve was the 3rd of her friends to come in that night. A fight happened that night and even though Steve's friend was injured in the fight (not his fault-the friend was just playing pool when a drunk walked by and decided to slam his fist into his face), he still took the time to make sure I was safe before he went to help his friend. I was impressed! We will have been married 27 years this April.

  • lookn4spac Mar 18, 2011

    I was going to write my own, but I just heard one from my son that will be remembered forever in our family.

    My six-year old just announced that he is married. He met a little girl named Jen on the playground a few days ago. Evidently, when we we were not looking, they exchanged rings and a kiss (on the lips, no less!). He is wearing his ring now and says he must get a job (I suggested learning to read a bit better might be his first step).

    So, Bill, you missed singing at this family wedding, but Tyler has now followed in the footsteps of his big cousin Lauren (and new cousin Luke).

  • alanrmnc Mar 18, 2011

    My wife to be and I met at Mission Valley Apartments in Raleigh. I had been watching her leave every morning to go to work. Thought she was cute. We were indirectly introduced to each other by my Uncle Sam, who had stopped by my apartment one evening. I had left to help a co-worker whose car broke down so he left a message with her to tell me my white haired uncle had stoppped by. It took a while for us to get together and go on a date. Went to see the movie MASH at the old Tower Drive In on New Bern Ave. She told her roommate that night that I was the one she was going to marry. Guess what. It happened. Got engaged in July, married December 30th 1973. 37 years and two kids later, still together. Great lady.

  • Wheelman Mar 18, 2011

    I've been married twice and widowed once and meeting both wives had unusual events. I was living in an apartment and my mother was visiting on a Sat. for dinner. As we just started to eat there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was one of the guys at the apartments wanting to introduce me to the new girl who had just moved in that he was now "dating". We talked briefly and they left. Mother commented that "She was really cute. You should ask her out. Never know, you might get married!" I did and we did a year later. I lost her suddenly 16 yrs later. A short time later I met a lady in the courthouse and for the first time since my wife died I was able to really talk to someone. As I was riding down the elevator by myself I just commented out loud that she was really nice and it felt so good to talk to her. I heard a voice tell me that I should because she would be my next wife. Shaken by the events it took a while for me to call, but I did. Still happily married today.

  • WinnieFan Mar 18, 2011

    Sweet story, BlueAngelChild. :o)

  • blueangelchild2001 Mar 18, 2011 soon as I saw that it was daylight out, I woke up, threw some clothes and proceeded to my sister's and then my mother's :)

  • blueangelchild2001 Mar 18, 2011

    I dated my husband for 4 years before he asked me to marry him. For 3 of those 4 years he worked two night jobs (still works the same two night jobs). He had to work on my birthday, which happened to be a Friday. Saturday morning he got off work early (at 5:30 a.m.) and came home. I was laying in the bed HAPPY that I was going to get to sleep in that morning. He kneeled beside the bed and gently said my name... I shooed him away :) He tried three more times, the 4th time, I rolled over and covered my head and said "Why don't you just go take a shower and come to bed?!?" He replied with "because, I have to talk to you about something, its important." At the same time that he said this, he was slipping the ring on my finger. A ring that he had picked out completely by himself -- he did a perfect job. It was more than I had ever imagined I would get. I was so happy. I got out of bed and turned the light on in the bathroom and had my moment of happiness...and then slept until 8

  • blytle Mar 18, 2011

    Well, I've told our story on other occasions on this site, but I'll tell it again. We met at church and dated for three years before becoming engaged. It was the church I grew up in and I was approaching my mid-40s and had never been married -- nor had he -- and people were convinced before we were that we should be married. After three years, we went to Charleston for a long weekend and he asked me to marry him. We came back to Raleigh and he asked me to help pick out my engagement ring. After some hilarious encounters at several local jewelry stores, we finally saw Mr. Charles Brown at Jolly's jewelers, then in Cameron Village. He helped us select a beautiful diamond that I am so proud of, because it represents the love that we share -- two people who are certain that God created for each other. We had a big church wedding with all the "trimmings" and a lovely receiption in the church fellowship hall. We just celebrated our 11th anniversary a couple of weeks ago!




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