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Weight plateau

Posted January 25, 2011

This is day 79 of our 100 Days of Fitness program. I’ve hit a weight plateau. I’d still like to lose another four lbs. in the final 21 days of the campaign. Coach Tara Wind has kicked up the exercise plan a notch or two in hopes of helping me achieve my goal. Overall, I’m feeling really good these days and it’s exciting to see the finish line just ahead.

One of my favorite workouts in recent weeks has been with TRX cables. These are suspension cables that enable you to get a great overall workout in a single spot. We worked out every major muscle group last week during a 40 minute session.

Yesterday I did a brisk 50 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. More cardio is on today’s schedule: bike for 30 minutes, row for ten minutes and finish with 20 minutes on the stair machine. I just wish I didn’t sweat so much. I’ll probably take a beach towel to the gym today to soak it all up!


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  • WXYZ Jan 26, 2011

    Hi Bill. Just a word of caution. The process of increasing and sustaining body temperature, and the concurrent rate of perspiration, during exercise or work, is a key indicator general health and fitness. Generally, as your level of health and fitness increases, your perspiration and heart rate should decrease...i.e. you can work longer and harder with less risk of adverse events. I always advise to use your heart rate and rate of perspiration as guiding and limiting factors. Keep the rate of perspiration at "mild to moderate"...never "high". A high rate of perspiration can indicate that the body is being overstressed and therefore overheated...not good. Stay within safe limits. The hardest thing is to maintain your weight, fitness program the your body's metabolic "set point". It is said that Jack LaLanne never ate dessert....get the hint?

  • rabrantley Jan 26, 2011

    Ooops, I misspelled her name - it's Beth Chamberlin. Her DVDs are available at

  • rabrantley Jan 25, 2011

    Bill, I agree with aloflin about kettlebells. I highly recommend Beth Chamberlain's kettlebell DVDs - they give you a great workout and they're fun, too! Good luck!

  • bleslie Jan 25, 2011

    Thanks for the encouragement thefensk and aloflin. I'm beginning to think my ideal weight is a tad higher than what I thought. Haven't tried the kettlebell, yet. It looks interesting!

  • aloflin Jan 25, 2011

    Great job! Have you worked out with a kettlebell? They are awesome! Maybe you could try that in your final days of the program. Just curious, will you still continue working out as much, with a trainer, eating healthier, etc. after the 100 days?

  • thefensk Jan 25, 2011

    I'd suggest that you not worry so much about weight goals and just keep up your fitness program. Four pounds is so minimal and overall you are doing so much good by just working out regularly.

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