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100 Days of Fitness - A New Year!

Posted January 4, 2011

How did you do with health, fitness and diet over the holidays? I usually gain about five lbs. but I did a lot better this time.

I laughed when a guy behind me at the gym yesterday said: "Television makes you look a lot bigger, doesn't it? I guess you have to work out twice as hard as the rest of us."

Yesterday I did work hard on day 57 of our 100 Days of Fitness campaign. Try this work-out prescribed by Coach Tara Wind and I guarantee you'll sleep like a baby:

Run on the treadmill at a brisk pace for three minutes. Punch the pause button on the treadmill triggering a one minute countdown. Do 50 seconds of squats.

Jump back on the treadmill and run for another three minutes. Punch the pause button again and do about 50 seconds of push-ups.

Jump back on the treadmill and run for three more minutes. Again, hit the treadmill's pause button and do about 50 seconds of lunges.

Repeat this series three times. Then, work out for 20 minutes on a stair or step machine. Be sure to bring a water bottle because this is a sweaty workout.

The good news is I am back to my pre-holiday weight. I still have about five more lbs. to lose but with 42 days left in the campaign I am confident I can achieve that goal.


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  • LMRA Jan 4, 2011

    Glad you liked the dream. When I dream, it's almost like I'm watching a movie. Even if I'm in it! I do a running commentary about the dream while I'm dreaming and this one was a doozie. Please don't grow that Grizzly Adams beard. It was NOT attractive on you. Maybe Brian can work some computer graphics magic and put a beard on your picture so you can see what I saw!!!

  • bleslie Jan 4, 2011

    I love the dream, LMRA! That really made me laugh! Thanks for the warm words!

  • LMRA Jan 4, 2011

    Bill - I had a dream last night that you grew a full beard (Grizzly Adams kinda beard) so you could work out in anonymity! Once you appeared on air with the beard, the station was flooded with calls asking about the new anchor! No one recognized you! For some reason, I was with you (at your house? at the station?) when you shaved it off. Maybe I need to stop drinking caffeine so late in the afternoon????

  • DbzHugz Jan 4, 2011

    Kudos Bill. Good for you. You are an inspiration. :)

  • fgump Jan 4, 2011

    Kudos to you Bill! That was a hard workout-I was at the gym yesterday on the elliptical while you were crushing your workout. I came home and told my wife what a hard set you had been doing! Great job.

  • aloflin Jan 4, 2011

    Sounds like a great workout! I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD over the holidays and LOVE it! There are 3 20 minute segments/levels with cardio, weights and abs. I consider myself pretty fit, and the last 20 min. segment I am barely able to do! I truly believe that doing different exercises and activities not only keeps the boredom away, but also keeps the body/muscles guessing about what's coming next!

  • blytle Jan 4, 2011

    Bill, after running around with Maizy this morning, trying to get myself ready for work and trying to give her some exercise before she had to go into her crate for the day, I worked up a little sweat myself. If I tried to do what you did yesterday in your workout, I would have died after the first set!!!!! Kudos to you for your commitment to your workouts and fitness!

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