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Fresh start

Posted January 3, 2011

What are your New Year's resolutions? What is your frame of mind as you begin a fresh start. Are you optimistic? Please share your thoughts.

Dickie Eason of Cary sent me a wonderful roadmap for the year ahead. Dickie says he received part of this message about ten years ago. Since then he has been remodeling and adding to it. I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with our Carolina Conversations community.

This Year

Share your treasure.

Encourage youth.

Manifest your loyalty to others in word and deed.

Keep your promises.

Nurture your appetite for learning.

Find the time.

Be thankful for your life and the opportunities ahead.

Believe in yourself.

Try to forgive.

Offer your hand to those who struggle.


Hug tightly the good times.

Respond to adversity with determination and confidence.

Apologize if you were wrong.

Don’t look down on others unless you are trying to lift them up.

Skip the bandwagon.

Against all pressure, try to do what you know is right.

Reach out.

Try to understand.

Express your appreciation.

Do NOT assume.

Replace despair with action.

Recognize that you know very little and you will instantly increase your intelligence.

Examine your demands on others.

Do not judge.

Be kind, be gentle – but stand your ground.

Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.

Work hard - deserve confidence. Take nothing for granted.

Be tenacious in pursuit of your most cherished dreams.

Reject incompetence and identify it as such.

Use your experience to help others treading in new waters.

Take care of your spirit.

Give no quarter to injustice and stand up to its perpetrators.

Settle only for your best.

Search for the truth – don’t let others define it for you.

Don’t let others define you.

Examine your motives.

Care for the animals.

Welcome a stranger.

Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth –

Take part in its preservation.

Gladden the heart of a child.

Live each moment – fully.

Speak your love.

Speak it again.

Speak it still once again.


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  • tracyshumack Jan 7, 2011

    I delivered three girls, so never got to name a I like Joseph Austin or Christian Alexander. Good luck and cant wait to see what his name will be.

  • Riverracer8 Jan 3, 2011

    That is a wonderful list - thanks! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  • randyscott Jan 3, 2011

    GREAT ADVICE!!! THANKS FOR SHARING IT!!! I HAD to post it to my facebook page!

  • bleslie Jan 3, 2011

    Beautifully expressed twittyfan. I love your spirit of determination and the way you value relationships and time.

  • blytle Jan 3, 2011

    Twittyfan, you sound like a very brave woman with awesome goals. Even though I don't know you personally, I am so proud of what you hope to accomplish in the new year and I wish you all the best!

  • Twittyfan Jan 3, 2011

    I am glad to see a fresh new year for sure...I have been struggling for the past 4 years with the death of my husband and I can't seem to find the happiness I shared with him.. I know I will be alright my daughter and I have made it this far. For 2011 I am going to start getting out with friends when my daughter is with her friends and stop saying no I am going to stay at home but thanks for the invite. I am going to be more positive, less stressed and enjoy the life I have with my daughter because she will be grown and gone. I am not going to be around drama and I will not live by my phone or computer any longer.. I want peace in my life and happiness..

  • bleslie Jan 3, 2011

    You will be feeding your soul,ladybugs. I'm excited about your journey!

  • ladybugs-mom Jan 3, 2011

    I have made a list of resolutions (I call them goals) for 2011, but I also came up with a word for this year: CREATE. I'm going to try to create as much art & music as possible and see what I discover along the way.

  • bleslie Jan 3, 2011

    Congrats on Maizy!

  • blytle Jan 3, 2011

    Wow, this is a great list!! Everyone can benefit from this wisdom. My husband and I are hoping for inner peace this year as we go through some transitions. Also, we just adopted a little yorkipoo this weekend, so we must learn to adjust to her as she adjusts to us!! Her name is Maizy.

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