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I am a Plott Hound

Posted November 10, 2010

Let's have some fun today. If you could be a state symbol what would you be and why? I'll give a prize to the person with the best answer.

I think I would be a Plott Hound. It would be fun to run a bear up a tree. I would also like to intimidate a wild boar. But of course I would still be a gentle and loyal companion to my owner. I'd like to sound like a bugle and fight like a gladiator. Yes, that's what I would be - NC's official state dog.

What about you?

If you need a refresher course here are the options:

You could be a blueberry or a strawberry. How would you like to be a refreshing glass of milk? Maybe you'd like to fly and sing as a cardinal. Perhaps you love the water and would take on the role of a shad boat. You could go on a high protein insect diet as a Venus Flytrap. You could celebrate Christmas every day as a Fraser Fir.

You could swim the seas as a Channel Bass. You could bathe in the warmth of springtime as a dogwood flower. Maybe you love the mountains and would prefer being a South Appalachian Brook Trout. You may have a sweet personality and a Scuppernong Grape fits you well. If you're a hard worker with a sweet tooth you might want to think about becoming a honeybee. If you love nuts why not be a Gray Squirrel. It's okay to be slow, steady but reliable as an Eastern Box Turtle. Maybe you're rock solid and would like to be a slab of granite. Perhaps you love the sound of crashing waves and would flourish as a Scotch Bonnet seashell.

You look great in green so you may consider becoming an emerald. Or you relish the stirring sounds of bagpipes and you want to become the Carolina Tartan. You would surely look mighty fine as a Carolina pine. You're rich in vitamins so you want to become a sweet potato. That's not bad. Or you glow in your garment of red and orange and a Carolina Lily suits you perfectly. Does that help?

Wow us with your creativity!


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  • betteroff Nov 10, 2010

    I am proud to be a dogwood blossom. Even though I am thought of as the color of the tree, I am just a covering for the delicate flower blossoms in the center (protection). I must rely on others (bees and insects) to help me continue my journey through pollination (regeneration). I am usually seen as the forteller of Easter - welcoming spring with all its beauty and splendor (resurection). I am many colors - representing the different peoples of North Carolina (population). I also represent a more spiritual meaning. My petals represent the four points of the cross in which a humble Saviour (Jesus Christ) died (sacrifice). His hands and feet were nailed-tips of my petals (persecution). My small blossoms in the center represent a crown of thorns (King of Kings) that He wore to bear the pain of sin of all mankind - present and future . The red berries I bear represents the blood that He shed (redemption). Just as I am many colors, He died for all of mankind (salvation). I am humble.

  • DbzHugz Nov 10, 2010

    My green is rich with beauty, love, ideas, memories, reflections and strength. I am the Emerald of North Carolina.

  • DbzHugz Nov 10, 2010

    I would be an Emerald.
    Beautiful, green, clear and reflective.
    My color reflects so many wonderful things about the state of North Carolina.
    My green is the beautiful grass in the spring and summer, perfect for little bare feet .
    My green is waiting for a canvas of paint or eyes behind a camera.
    My green is the color of the deep, far distant water of the ocean, running through the Carolina blue sea.
    My green is an island off the coastal outer banks, sitting there like a jewel for all to see. My green is the tall grass of a country meadow blowing in the wind. My green is the clover spreading across the lawns, maybe a four leaf one for luck. My green is the soulful color of a kitten’s eyes, waiting to be adopted. My green is the representation of new beginnings, new life, new ideas. My green is the Emerald …it sparkles and dances when the sun hits it, bouncing its beauty all over the walls in its own rainbow. My green is rich with beauty, love, ideas, memories, reflections

  • lookn4spac Nov 10, 2010

    I would like to think I would be the state motto- esse quam videri- To BE rather than to SEEM.

    So much of the world seems to have it backward these days- videri quam esse! NOT!

    Let's all be REAL! and not just care about appearances....

  • Twittyfan Nov 10, 2010

    I would like to be the eagle so the wind could ruffle my feathers everday instead of people. I would like to fly so high that I could take a peak at HEAVEN to see my husband and loved ones and see the beauty. I love to swim so I would be able to swim all year and rest on the trees, buildings etc to look at all the natural beauty..

  • LMRA Nov 10, 2010

    OK I'll go with sweet potato! I'm loved across the country and now year round. My reputation as a great alternative to the 'white' potato is growing. I may look dirty and unpolished when I'm picked but brush me, wash me, peel me and I shine! Sometimes I'm fried, mashed, casseroled (is that a word?), and baked. I'm slatered in butter and brown sugar. I go well as a side dish to any main course. AND they celebrate me in Smithfield every year by having a Ham and Yam Festival! AND I'm featured on an NC license plate!

    That's funny because that's the way I feel about me! If people take the time to get past my 'rough' and 'unpolished' exterior they get to know the real me!

  • christynwll Nov 10, 2010

    Hmmmmm, what can I tell You about Meee? Watch out for that trout! Ahhh, there'zzzz a Carolina Lily! Yummmm! Ovvvvver there! The dogwoodzzzz are nearly done, still, I zeee blossommmmz! More work for meeee - down to the fieldzzzz of berriezzzzzz: blue and straw as both neeeeed meeeeee! I've been sleeping in my cozzzzy houzzzze but now it'zzzzz warmmm. Zeeeeee? I'm Honey Beeeeeee!

  • genegeneandnancy Nov 10, 2010

    I would like to be a glass of milk as milk was named the official state beverage in 1987...I would give you needed calcium, be poured over your cereal, have an oreo cookie dipped in a glass, or just lighten up your cup of coffee. My second would be to be a Frasier fir Christmas tree...I would add a refreshing scent to a house, be decorated and lit up, have presents surrounding my base, and more importantly, be a reminder symbol as to what Christmas is really all about.

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