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Posted October 22, 2010

Thank you for sending in your sunrise and sunset images. Your photographs are truly inspirational and quite beautiful. I plan to start work this weekend on a musical slideshow featuring your fiery images.

Monday I'll have another slideshow for you. It's called Cascade Johnny and it features the amazing waterfall images of High Point photographer Kevin Adams.

We are celebrating this week. My latest CD "Simple Beauty" hit number one on the world music charts. We’ll be featuring songs from the album on more music videos in the weeks ahead.

A lot of people ask about my music and other things at the State Fair. I always enjoy greeting folks in the WRAL booth near Dorton Arena. It's fun to keep a mental log of the people's names. Hayley was really popular this year. In fact I met two girls who spelled their name the traditional way and two that spelled it Hayleigh. I met my first Maren at the Fair. That's another beautiful name.

The most interesting question I heard this year came from a woman who asked: “Do you look more like your mother or father?” I said – “probably my mother.”

What about you? Do you look more like Mom or Dad?


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  • jpittard2 Oct 23, 2010

    As a child, I favored my father but now I look like his youngest sister. My daughter did not look like me as a child but now everyone knows she is my daughter. My granddaughter looks like me as a child. In fact, my son saw a picture of me at 2 and asked why we had a black and white picture of Emma. He did not believe me when I told him that it was my picture and took it to his dad for verification!

  • Wheelman Oct 23, 2010

    I look like my mother, but I'm built like my father. My older sister is built like my mother but looks like my father. If you notice, it is this way in many families that the oldest child looks like the father and is built like the mother and the reverse for the youngest. In families with 3 kids one will most likely not look like either parent, but like another relative. While not true all the time it is amazing how often it is.

  • lseltmann Oct 22, 2010

    I actually most resemble my maternal grandmother. I have a picture of her from around the time she got married and it's uncanny how much we look alike.

  • thefensk Oct 22, 2010

    I'd say I'm about 60/40 in favor of my mom (today she's 88!!).

  • LMRA Oct 22, 2010

    I look 100% like my Dad - no doubt about it. We even had the same birth mark in the same place! I have about a 50/50 split in terms of personality (brains from my Dad and friendly, humorous traits from my Mom). My talent for crafty things is definitely 1-2 generations back to my maternal grandmother and her mother and father! My great grandmother Seraphina Madonna (isn't that a beautiful name?) co-owned a bathrobe factory in the garment district of NYC and my great grandfather was a stone mason. This was back in the late '20's early '30's! She was very talented.

    Congrats Bill on hitting #1!!! You ROCK??


  • DbzHugz Oct 22, 2010

    "We are celebrating this week. My latest CD "Simple Beauty" hit number one on the world music charts."~~~~~ Congrats Bill, that is wonderful!!

  • fishnett5977 Oct 22, 2010

    I have been told by my Mother's oldest sister(she's 87) that I look like a mirror image of my mother. I agree! Now that I am close to her age when she passed away, I see it more and more. My brother favors my Daddy - my Daddy died when he was 4 and I was 9. My oldest and middle sons look like my dad, especially my middle son - he has those grey eyes! And my granddaughter is called mini-Annette - she favors me as a young child! Amazing how genetics can pass things along! She has the beautiful red/gold hair like I USE to have!lol

  • genegeneandnancy Oct 22, 2010

    I've been told I favor my dad, but I think I have my mother's personality and outlook on life. My oldest daughter definitely favors her paternal grandmother as well as her dad with their characteristic blue eyes, and my younger daughter favors her maternal grandmother having hazel colored eyes. Funny how people in the same family can favor so many different people from previous generations.

  • dnrkearney2 Oct 22, 2010

    Bill, cliche "beauty fades, but ugly holds its own"
    look like my father, with the heart and internal beauty of my Momma.
    Like you, the photo/videography is external, but the music you feel inside!

  • kblount1 Oct 22, 2010

    I have always thought I favored my mother, but two years ago I lost a lot of weight and as I age I see a lot more of my dad in me. So I guess neither one of them could deny me.




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