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Wedding Bells

Posted September 9, 2010
Updated September 10, 2010

What’s your favorite and funniest wedding story?   Please share. 

Also, what advice would you give to the father of the bride? I’m a FOB rookie. 

This weekend my daughter Lauren will marry Luke Wolf in Cary. I couldn’t be happier about the wedding. Luke is a fine young man with a bright future. Cindy and I love his family. It’s going to be a great weekend. I’ve attached a picture of Lauren and Luke taken by Raleigh photographer Curtis Brown. 

I am still struggling with what I am going to say as a toast to the couple. I write speeches all the time but this one is really special. I want to say just the right thing. 

I mentioned the wedding on Facebook and received a gush of greetings and advice. 

Here are some of my favorite tips so far: 

From my dear friend Ira David Wood: "Now, sit down in front of your TV and put on FATHER OF THE BRIDE ... just for kicks." 

From Christie Shook: "Tell them to keep their legs slightly bent. If they keep them straight, they are liable to pass out. Especially if a lot of prayers are involved." 

And from Thomas Fenske: "Shoes. Where are the shoes!!!!!! Sweet couple ... good luck to them!" 

Thomas, thank you! I'd forgotten all about buying those special shiny shoes I will need.  Thanks for reminding me to get a pair today!


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  • Squirreling Dervish Sep 11, 2010

    Our Best Man stood up in front of our Pentecostal Holiness and Southern Baptist relative and gave the following toast.

    "May your honeymoon be like a kitchen table---all legs and no drawers"

    My husband and I almost fell out laughing. A few minutes later, the centrepieces on one of the tables caught fire. Weddings are seldom solemn affairs. Have fun, and the whole marriage will be fun.

  • anniesss Sep 10, 2010

    At my wedding, friends of ours gave us a pair of boxing gloves, so we could "duke out our differences"! We put them on at the reception and me in my gown and my husband in his tux, we "boxed" for the crowd! Even our DJ was shocked and speechless. Fun times!

  • RealityAddict Sep 10, 2010

    Spoon - Butterfly kisses was the song for my daughter/father dance. My dad was crying like a baby and laughing like a teenager. I will never forget what he whispered to me as our dance ended...."I love you, don't sweat the small stuff and it's hard for a dad to hand over his jewel but it is easier knowing, he will start getting the cell phone bill!!!"

  • missparrothead Sep 10, 2010

    Many congrats to you and your family!! Best wishes to them for a happy marriage together!! Dr. Kyle is great! (I attend your church. :)) )

  • Mike128 Sep 10, 2010

    Favorite FOB quote... "She dresses to kill, and cooks like that too....." That wedding was a real joy to photograph. Everyone was having fun, everything went smoothly. Great people to be around.

  • mamananagramps Sep 9, 2010

    Congratultions Bill .

    I can remember you taking the kids to swing at a playground near Coronada village (at the time)..and time flies..When the toast comes around..the loving words will flow. You will not have to prepare your speech. I hope the wedding writeup will be in the paper...Best of luck to you , bride and groom and all the family for a loving and lasting wedding day.

  • LMRA Sep 9, 2010

    Bill - as they say - I've always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. My Dad passed away on August 17th and if I EVER get to be a bride (ha ha ha), he won't be here to do this for me. Enjoy every minute you can! I love the suggestion that you, her Mother AND her brother would be giving her 'away.'

    Tell Lauren to hide a tissue someplace or have the groom or his best man have an extra on hand. My sister's wedding video is loaded with her making sniffling sounds because no one had a tissue!

    If you want to make a funny toast, I saw one once I thought was cute. The best man told the bride to hold out her left hand and then told the groom to put his right hand on top of hers. He then proceeded to tell the groom this was the one and only time he'd have the upper hand!!! Cute, clean and most likely true!

    Make sure you enjoy yourself, eat the food you paid for AND don't put your beverage down! You'll never find it!

  • dharper22 Sep 9, 2010

    I meant "aisle"...

  • Wheelman Sep 9, 2010

    Tell them to remember to be themselves. Marriage doesn't make you different, it just confirms your commitment to each other. Remember to laugh at yourself, at each other and with each other. Be forgiving, apologize when you're wrong and be considerate of each other since you must show both love and kindness when you are considerate of others. And when angry, think twice and speak once remembering that you're talking to the person you profess to love the most.

    Best of luck to them and to you and Cindy!

  • dharper22 Sep 9, 2010

    It has been more than 33 years, Bill, but the memory is still there. Just show up when you are told to, take the bride's (your sweet little girl) arm and proudly walk her down the isle. Kiss her on the cheek and hand her over to her man. Your job will be done. Enjoy a wonderful life event.




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