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Ugly Sweaters

Posted August 16, 2010

How many of you go to or hold yard sales? What's your best story? What's the most interesting item you have bought or sold?

The headline from our family garage sale over the weekend was: People will buy just about anything except ugly sweaters.

Yes, I was the butt of the family jokes. Not one of my old sweaters sold. My neckties, however, were a different story. They were hot items. Books. Weights. DVDs. Make-up. Certain clothes. Music cabinets and equipment. They all sold but, of course, at bargain prices.

I was surprised at how early people come out for yard sales. We advertised a 7:00AM start but people starting showing up at 6:00AM. Some buyers said they were purchasing items of less fortunate families. I thought that was nice.

When we finished we took the nicer things that didn't sell over to the local Goodwill.

It feels good. We've got a little extra cash and more room in the house now.


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  • genegeneandnancy Aug 16, 2010

    Another possibility of where to take items that didn't sell at yard sales or just to make donations in general, is the "Paws for Cause"..I believe profits go towards spaying and neutering of cats and dogs.

  • thefensk Aug 16, 2010

    Gingerrush -- Yes, you are right. No one here expects them to be open later, or on Sunday, so why bother. We just thought it was odd when we first came here.

    Aquamarine -- maybe. I've seen stuff at yard sales for $10 then seen the same stuff at GW later for $3. Just depends on the store and on the pricing. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I think the same applies, depends on the store and the management. When we lived in Chatham County we always donated to the PTA thrift stores.

  • aquamarine46 Aug 16, 2010

    Thefensk........once it hits the goodwill floor, you can be sure you will pay more for it than you would have at the yard sale.

  • aquamarine46 Aug 16, 2010

    Pulstar40 - The Dorcas Shop is an excellent place to take your items.

  • aquamarine46 Aug 16, 2010

    Rhonda Johnson.......THANK YOU for finding an alternative to the GCF STORE. The Baptist Church will see to it that needy people get it without having to pay for it.

  • aquamarine46 Aug 16, 2010

    Bill, I am very sorry to hear you took your left overs to Goodwill. Their name is a misnomer. I had a terrible experience at the one on Roxboro Rd in Durham a few weeks ago, where I showed up hysterical within an HOUR of some wrong things being taken there by another family member. Instead of being compassionate and helpful, they made it even more difficult. I won't go into the entire story, but suffice it to say, I am trying to get the word out that there are MANY OTHER places more appropriate to donate to, who DO NOT charge for their donated items. Please keep in mind next time you are tempted to take something there. Thank you!!

  • gator nation gal Aug 16, 2010

    I wouldn't mind going to yard sales if they weren't so darn early in the morning! I held one and did quite well. Clothing didn't sell at all, but furniture, rugs, records and books were a real draw.

  • GRush Aug 16, 2010

    We've had some yard sales scheduled to run later, but no one shows up after about 1 in the afternoon. I guess it is one of those things that if you hold it, will they come? One man's trash is another's treasure, though, and I love to go to them. I need to do one, maybe when it isn't as hot.

  • pulstar40 Aug 16, 2010

    I noticed the really short hours here in NC too when we moved here 20 years ago. In NY sales also ran from 9 am to 3 pm, and often both Saturday and Sunday. Right before my husband and I got married, he had a yard sale in CT that went from 8 am to 6 pm on that Saturday. We had a constant flow of people throughout the day.

  • thefensk Aug 16, 2010

    Heh, before I posted I missed the end of your article about going to Goodwill ... but case in point to my comment!




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