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Posted August 12, 2010

I thought I would share with you a slightly goofy photograph of the WRAL Morning News Team. Photographer Jeff Reeves took this picture yesterday. WRAL Graphics guru Bill Burch printed a copy for the winner of the Goofy Joke Contest. We will sign it and mail it as promised in the contest.

I would just like to take a moment and say how fortunate I am to work with such great people as Kelcey, Elizabeth and Brian. Each is a true professional at what they do but also are dear personal friends. We tackle a lot of serious news during the course of four hours each morning. But we also have lighter moments and this is an example of one of them. Brian makes us laugh every morning with some whimsical take on a news story. Kelcey’s dry humor sneaks up on you and triggers frequent belly laughs. Elizabeth always has an interesting family story that keeps us chuckling.

I would also like to say thank you to our ace morning field reporter Stacy Davis. What a fabulous journalist and genuinely great person!

I just wanted to thank all of these people for making it fun to come to work every day. I’m truly a lucky guy.


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  • whitewolf2226 Aug 20, 2010

    Be a friend to a returning vet, send them this site,

  • whitewolf2226 Aug 18, 2010

    I have a complaint about the Greensboro UPS dispatching center. Twice my mother sent out packages for over night delivery from Winston Salem to me in Graham. They were not delivered.
    I am currently in a new apt. due to an elderly woman burning down the last apt. on Oneida and College, it was covered.
    I covered for the ups drivers who would leave, the woman, Harriet's xanax, outside her door , while many people walked up and down that street.
    What if a young child got a hold on that package and thought what was inside was candy?
    I am a medic, and also worked for UPS and Fed Ex Custom Critical.
    Until UPS changes and works correctly for its' consumers, I and those in Graham and Winston Salem are banning UPS, and going with either the us post office, or fed ex.
    My name is Donna-Lynne Jordan, I grew up in NY, but this is my father's birth state, and hate to see his state not being ranned correctly. Our family is from Whiteville, the Fishers, the Jordans and the Hardees,,,

  • whitewolf2226 Aug 18, 2010

    my site is up and running,,,,,,,,,groups for military ptsd and civilian, bi-polar agoraphobia and then some. I am looking for older vets to help mentor newer ones, in the military ptsd forum, I'm out of Graham, and have c-ptsd. Donna-lynne put on your fav. list.Mornin' all!!!

  • whitewolf2226 Aug 16, 2010

    I'm from Graham, but grew up on Long Island, and lived in a foster care type home from ages 3-7 in the years 1966-1971, and was severely abused, that is not the point, I have complex post traumatic stress disorder, and have always befriended Vietnam Veterans because we have the same sort of trauma, and we understand one another.
    I created a site for vets coming home with ptsd, and also need older vets to be mentors for them on the site. It was just born over the weekend, and I'm a sleepless retired medic, making sure everyone is welcome.
    Please if you or anyone else has a mental health issue, or are a family member who needs companions on what you go through, join the free site. It was made for sheer need,,,,,,I am just a lowly volunteer to others, so they feel understood.
    Donna-Lynne Jordan,,,,,,,it is growing well, I used miracle grow,,,,,,,,lol

  • bleslie Aug 13, 2010

    Celt - thank you! That's quite an honor. We are most grateful!

  • Celt Aug 12, 2010

    Three non-negotiables every morning--

    Devotions, a good breakfast, and WRAL.

  • MskoorB Aug 12, 2010

    It seems like there is some tension between Kelcey and Elizabeth??

  • isthatallthereis84 Aug 12, 2010

    I really do refer to you all as 'my friends'....I watch every morning (sometimes even turning over to Fox 50 to continue watching even though I should be getting ready for work). WRAL always feels like home to me....(corny I know, but it's true...). Thanks for getting me going in the morning guys !!!!

  • tim14 Aug 12, 2010

    When are the couple from the promos going to join you on air?

  • nc_jcnumber5 Aug 12, 2010

    We're lucky to have all of you guys, Bill. It wouldn't be a great day if we didn't get to see you folks having so much fun together. Keep up the good work.




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