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Best date - worst date

Posted May 12, 2010

We’ll take a detour from old towns today and plunge into romantic waters. What was your best date? What was your worst date? What was your most unusual date?

As a hopeless romantic I was struck with my first crush in kindergarten. Judy Gamble stole my heart. I gave my first kiss in the first grade. Robin Bounous should have slapped me. I suffered my first broken heart in the fifth grade when Susu Fitz dumped me. My steady in high school, Denise Beach, was a Baptist. I grew up in the Episcopal Church but to stay in my girl’s good graces I sang in the First Baptist choir led by Jack Campbell every Sunday night.

My love life was disjointed in college as I began to get the broadcasting bug. The best date right after college was with my future wife Cindy. I met her while she was cleaning a milk shake machine at a Western Boulevard restaurant. She was five years younger. It took me six months to get up the nerve to ask her out. When I finally called her she responded “Yes, sir, Mr. Leslie.”  It wasn’t exactly the reaction I wanted, but she agreed to see me and we dined at Amedeos and had a wonderful time. I even played a love song for her at Umstead Park using my cool Martin 12 string guitar.

Okay. That’s my story. What is yours?


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  • easterlygal May 18, 2010

    Worst Date: He ate his whole meal without looking up at me once, while simultaneously humming/singing-even while chewing-to the background music in the restaurant. Then we went back to his house because he needed a jacket. He had a light blue satin blanket on the back of the sofa, had the entire Singing Raisins figurines collection on the nightstand and a Basic Instinct poster on the bedroom wall. He said he couldn't sleep in the bedroom for 3 weeks because he was so frightened of the poster. Buh-Bye!
    Best Date: 3/11/10. Dinner at Porter's with the man of my dreams. It was the first time we met in person, having met on-line. He had one long-stemmed red rose at dinner, the other 11 and a vase in the car! We shut down the restaurant. We couldn't take our eyes off each other and are still going strong. He is a wonderful, caring, considerate and sexy man and he makes me fall deeper for him every day. Best date ever!

  • boatrokr May 14, 2010

    My date and I went walking on the beach and were having a wonderful time until he suddenly remarked, "You have ugly feet." I told him not to bother taking me home...I'd walk on my ugly feet.

    Can you believe he tried to call back for a second date???

  • onetufteacher May 14, 2010

    Worst date (I thought): I agreed to go out with a guy at the urging of my best friend, but I DID NOT want to go. So, I decided to make him to go a pageant because I thought he would hate it; I also asked my mom and her friend to attend seperately so that I could pretend to be sick and leave with them during intermission. I really did not want to go out with this guy!! BUT...somewhere between leaving for the pageant and intermission I changed my mind about him. We were married one year later!!

  • dharper22 May 13, 2010

    Worst date - June, 1946. Arrived to pick up date I had just met the night before at a summer school registration dance. I was dressed in slacks and a yellow shirt with seahorses, treasure chests spilling coins down the front, etc. She took one look and said, "I'm not going out with anyone dressed like that." I went home, changed to a white shirt and went back. She then went with me and we had a fine afternoon and evening.
    Best date -- the same one because we were married the next March.

  • kntdside May 13, 2010

    Worst date - We met at a restaurant that I had never been to before. When asked about the salad, he proceeded to tell the waiter everything that was to be removed from the salad, without asking me. Once the salad arrived, he reached across the table and took my plate without asking if I wanted any salad. Then he ordered for me and even chose which sauce I wanted with the meal. By now the waiter had caught on, so he asked me what I really wanted. While we were eating the waiter put a basket of breadsticks next to me. He ate all 4 breadsticks without offering me one. Once the meal was over we walked around the mall. He decided to rant about politics, even though I told him I didn't follow politics, then he said absolutely horrible things about his sister, and finally he looked me straight in the face and asked if I had ever been molested by a family member or friend. I turned around and walked right out of the mall.

  • scarletindurham May 12, 2010

    Worst date I've ever had - this guy I knew from out and about, who always looked nice and was kind to me - Even though I hardly knew him, I accepted his date offer, but when he picked me up before dinner, he was 30 minutes late and had a ratty t-shirt on and a Budweiser hat. He told me he was late because he was out buying paintball supplies and couldn't decide on whatever to get. Later at the Texas Roadhouse he took me to he talked fondly of loving squirrel dumpling soup and such, among other weird things. I was really uncomfortable by the time we were driving to the band we were going to see. He told me before we went inside that he thought I was The One. Once we got inside I was very relieved that a bunch of my friends had shown up, and I basically ditched Andy Griffith and went home with the drummer. Oh well.

  • GoldenLover May 12, 2010

    Worst date?

    Monday nights episode of "Two and a half men"

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

    Poor Alan

  • GRush May 12, 2010

    My first date qualifies as a literal "blind date"! I met my husband in college - he is totally blind and I read a final for him before Christmas at the request of his roommate who was a friend of mine. After the holiday, his roommate's girlfriend called and asked me if I'd go to the movie with him if he called me, and I agreed. Found out later that they told him he couldn't go with them unless he asked me. We celebrated 28 years of marriage last Saturday!

  • LMRA May 12, 2010

    kellypratz: I know you're right. While there are several hundred miles between us, I know what you mean. Our discussions are always friendly - we are both passionate about sports - and we have both made it very clear this will not lead to an affair (thank goodness for the 5 states between us)! While I know I deserve better, the pool of applicants isn't cooperating. I totally enjoy being 'on my own' to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. Plus long distance stuff really stinks (even if he wasn't married, we both have careers in our respective states).

    Bill - bet you never thought this blog would go in this direction!

  • elliesmom May 12, 2010

    My best date was my first date with my husband. We went to an outdoor concert at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center in Cary. The music was wonderful, the weather was perfect and we had such a nice time, we kept talking for five hours! Two years later we were married--at the Page-Walker on the same pergola where the band played on our first date!




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