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Close calls

Posted April 30, 2010

What unusual accidents have you been involved in over the years? What were your close calls? Please think about this question and share your stories.

When I was 3 years old, I crashed through the screen on our family’s second floor porch in Morganton. Harley Johnson was mowing our lawn and just happened to be there to catch me and keep me from striking a pile of rocks.

Six months later, I plunged into a koi pond behind Grace Episcopal Church in Morganton while my mother had turned her back. I almost drowned but my mother managed to save me.

When I was 4 years old, a car hit me in front of my house on N. Anderson Street. It was totally my fault. I was trying to impress some kids across the street by showing them my new Daniel Boone coon skin cap, and I failed to call my parents to watch me cross the street. I was knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital. I did suffer a concussion but no broken bones.

At age 11 I survived a powerful rip tide at Long Beach thanks to a kind surf fisherman who tossed down his pole and swam out to rescue me.

During my college years, I was hit by an airplane and survived. The wing of a single engine plane taxiing at a small Triad airport clipped the back of my head knocking me to the ground. I had just landed at the airport with two friends and we were walking up the sidewalk when a rookie pilot got a little off course. This accident caused a horrible headache but nothing too serious.

Ten years ago, while driving into work during the Triangle's epic 22 inch snowfall, I suffered a white-out lasting five seconds while exiting the Beltline. Following a serious prayer, visibility returned.

What about you? What were your close calls?


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  • Boostershot May 4, 2010

    Where is Bill Leslie this week?? I am missing him on the morning show??

  • sshumake May 2, 2010

    Check out this blogpost In 2001 I was doing the morning drive news at QWRAL FM and went to get a cup of coffee. It was downstairs. I missed the first step and crashed onto the landing on my head. While I laid there dying Mother Mary appeared and said I'd been a decent man but warned me I'd better shape up. Bill Jordan found me and an ambulance took me to Wake Med where I had brain surgery. I died once or twice that night but attending doctors , young interns from Duke, revived me. That's as close as I have come to my end and as close as I care to come. God bless you all. Shu.

  • jreidross May 2, 2010

    wow Bill someONE is keeping you alive, fell out of double decker onto concrete flour at about two or three had a bandage around my head didn't talk for months

  • VoiceOfReason May 1, 2010

    A drunk driver crossed the center line on a bridge which caused him to come head on towards me as I rode my bicycle in the opposite direction on a bridge. As anyone would, I naturally swerved away, into the concrete side of the bridge, resulting in terrible road rash on much of my right leg and a concussion.

    That was about 25 years ago, my mother has forbade my husband from allowing me to own a bike AND I simply love to bike ride.

  • PAINFREE May 1, 2010

    One day many years ago, I was traveling with three small children, when my car stalled on railroad tracks running through our town. The bells rang and the gates came down. Knowing I could not get all three children to safety before the long freight train got to that gate, I stuck my foot out and pushed, and willed the car backward, off the track, just as the engine passed in front of us! Too close for comfort, and I did remember to thank God for helping me. I still do!!

  • turkeydance Apr 30, 2010

    accidents? well, most were my fault in some way or another.
    close calls? we go:
    1. Jacksonville, NC at a stoplight. i'm looking at a
    rainbow in the distance. light turns green. i'm looking
    at the rainbow. truck 'blows' the light. if i had paid
    attention to the light, i would have been T-boned.
    2. Trimming backyard trees with my son holding the ladder. finished 5 trees and working on the sixth. it 'bucked' and knocked me off the ladder. my son cut off the chainsaw. fell 17 feet with a running chainsaw. fell ON the ladder. Ta-Da! no permanent injuries. (yes, we measured it) 3. last one: working on a window of my house. standing on a plastic milk crate. it was old and it broke. i fell backwards and skidded off the deck and down 7 stairsteps. a video could have won $10,000 on AFV.

  • blytle Apr 30, 2010

    LMRA, I am SOOOOOO sorry!!

  • LMRA Apr 30, 2010

    mdoodle - you missed my attemp at adding a few lines to the song. I thought I'd try to incorporate Bill's story about falling through the screen on the 2nd floor porch!

  • bleslie Apr 30, 2010

    What a great group! I love all of you!

  • bleslie Apr 30, 2010

    mdoodle - I think you've just finished a hit!!




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