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Southern Names

Posted April 14, 2010

What is the most unusual Southern name you have heard? Brian Shrader came up with a good one this morning. He's been listening to some old Raleigh radio reports from the 1960's. He chuckled when he heard a farm reporter named Spurgeon.

We named our puppy Rufus because that sounded like a nice Southern name. I've attached a recent picture of the cocker spaniel and poodle mix. Lately I've addressed my dog as Ruf-Bob. He seems to like that.

If I had another dog I'd probably name him Beauregard. That sounds very South Carolina Southern.

Growing up my sisters called me Willie Gus. That was drawn from my name of William Augustus Leslie III. Anne Crutchfield of Morganton used to call me Willie, the One, Two Three.

Kelcey Carlson likes the following Southern names: Wanda, Holmes, Cleve and Clyde.

What's your favorite Southern name? Let's do both male and female names.

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  • UrMom3040 Apr 19, 2010

    My mother almost named me by her middle name -- CORDELIA. That is an old-timey southern christian woman name!

  • graciousity Apr 19, 2010

    I know a wonderful lady named Truelettie. That's gotta be southern. I'm waiting for nicknames as my childhood name was a real puzzler.

  • rabrantley Apr 15, 2010

    One of my favorite Southern names is Aubrey - it's a good old-fashioned name that works for a male or female. No one by that name in my family, but we have some Southern names to beat the band: my mother, Esther, had an Aunt Lettie (Lottie is also a pretty common name down here). As for her sisters, there are Mary Lee, Eunice Mae, and Ruby Mozelle. Daddy's sisters were Lillian, Velma Lee and Eloise. Some other family names are Lonie Caroline, Lessie, Leamon, and Lily Ruth. One of the best names I've ever heard comes from my hometown of Graham: Flossie Pearl!

  • Go_APPS Apr 15, 2010

    My dogs are Possum & Jethro :-)

  • 2assume Apr 15, 2010

    Mary Charles, Mary Frances, Mary John, Bobbie Sue, Margaret Ann, you get the picture two names!

  • How about a little common sense Apr 15, 2010

    Grandparents named their children: Swannie Bell, Odell, Leonard, John, Elijah, Raleigh, Pearl, Tommy, Enoch, Vonnie Mae, Marie, Sunnie

  • glabsa08 Apr 15, 2010

    I dont' know if this southern or not but my name is Bunnie Sue and my daddy's is Bunnie Hugh.

  • cornfused Apr 15, 2010

    I knew a Katie Bell and Lena, also a Lina and Mozzelle and Uzzelle, many good southern nmes, They were strong southern names, and STrong Southern women, also!

  • cornfused Apr 15, 2010

    Fletcher is a good old southern name and I had aunts named, Irene, Athalene and Betty Jean

  • UNCfuturealumi Apr 15, 2010

    Mary Eliza..Also a lady I know and her name is Mary Whistler, now that is not Southern, but rare..




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