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Posted March 29, 2010

What interesting trips have you taken lately? Maybe it was close to home or far away from home. Either way – please discuss.

I was in Cleveland over the weekend. Cindy and I flew to Ohio to celebrate our daughter’s upcoming wedding.
Lauren is marrying a Cleveland area lad with a warm and delightful family. They threw a wonderful party in Willoughby about 20 miles east of Cleveland.

A dusting of snow greeted us. We stayed at a historic bed & breakfast in Willoughby. I would highly recommend The Homestead with its three course breakfast. We also had a fine dinner at Gavi’s in Willoughby.

We checked out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame amd lunched at the legendary Tommy’s Restaurant in Cleveland Heights. The D.C. sandwich with Falafel, veggies, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sesame sauce and cheese was out of this world.

We drove by the stadiums where the Browns and the Indians play. Lauren and her fiancé, Luke Wolf, scored tickets to as Cavs game as we were leaving town.

We flew Southwest and went through Baltimore each way. Everything went well. I love the playful spirit on Southwest. A flight attendant announced: “We have lost a pair of black rimmed glasses so please check the area around you. The pilot can take off without these glasses but he might have trouble landing without them.” It’s nice to hear a little humor at the airport.


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  • LMRA Mar 30, 2010

    OOPS that would have been Baltimore . . .

  • LMRA Mar 30, 2010

    Another comment about Southwest. I flew with them early on (I lived near their Blatimore hub) and on one flight we had a "Guess the Combined Ages of the Flight Attendants" contest. The row closest got to leave the plane first. THEN we had an unroll/reroll the toilet paper contest. It started at the front of the plane, unrolled as it came to the back, and then had to be re-rolled. All without ripping!

    I've heard songs and jokes and all sorts of other stuff on their flights AND I love their casual uniforms.

  • LMRA Mar 30, 2010

    I saw the Space Shuttle take off!!! It was supposed to be the final 'night' launch (more like 3 dark thirty AM) but I understand there may be a 6am launch in the next few months. There are no words to describe how beautiful and awe inspiring it was to see.

    I know this will sound very 'tourista' but I had a great time at Sea World. It has changed A LOT since I was there in 1976 (DUH!!!) and it's a little 'commercial' but let me tell you, eating lunch while watching sharks float by in their tank is something!!!

    thefensk - so sorry to read about your Dad.

  • info39 Mar 30, 2010

    Wolfmom and fishnet are spot on for Key West. Not sure how someone cannot love Blue Heaven though. The Lobster Benedict for breakfast is out of this world. Many folks may not know the Circ Du Solei (sp) founder got his start performing at the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square.

  • GoldenLover Mar 29, 2010

    My wife and daughter are going to NYC for five days next month with the school chorus. They're even going to get to sing at Carnegie Hall. They'll also get to tour the whole city. I'm so jealous. I've been wanting to go for years. Haven't been since I was a kid. (A very long time ago) I will be taking a trip myself this summer, but don't know where. I'm buying a 'Vette (previouly enjoyed) and I'll go to where ever I find the one I'm looking for. I hope it's somewhere fun.

  • mamananagramps Mar 29, 2010

    My hubby got a kick out of the comment "Pilot may not be able to land without the glasses" We use to live in Cary , watch you on the news..and still do through the net..Love your sense of humor. Hubby is ex Air Force Pilot so he loved what you said.

  • katizs Mar 29, 2010

    My kids and I just returned from a fun trip to the Outer Banks - weather was not "normal" beach weather, but we had a WONDERFUL time - interesting things to my kids was the fact we spent all day on Ocracoke Island- had the beach to ourselves and we were able to watch the light come on and ride back to Hatteras on the ferry at night!

  • thefensk Mar 29, 2010

    Oh, Bill, I forgot to mention your dusting of snow in Cleveland. This is what was disrupting flights, snow in the midwest and apparently quite a bit in Denver and Chicago. I hit some pretty good snow coming down when I hit Shreveport LA and it continued for about 40 minutes as I angled down into Texas. Luckily it was just warm enough to keep the roads clear.

  • garnertoy Mar 29, 2010

    thefensk sorry about your dad and I havent been anywhere bit im ready

  • thefensk Mar 29, 2010

    BTW, the return trip was a bit more relaxed, but just as long. The round trip came in at 2564 miles on my unlimited miles weekly rental. With motels I spent only slightly more on the trip than I would have spent on the airline tickets/ground transportation in Houston.
    The trip down was stressful though as I knew my timing was tight. I lived on junk food and coffee; I dared not stop for a meal, just gas and coffee to keep me going.




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