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All New Friday

Posted March 19, 2010

What's new? Have you dined at a new restaurant lately? Have you shopped at a new store? Have you read a great new book? Let's call this All New Friday. Please share your new thoughts.


I checked out The Meat Store in Cary's Saltbox Village this week on a recommendation from my brother-in-law. I really liked it. They had a terrific selection of various meats. I picked up some Cajun marinaded chicken and asparagus soaked in a delicious cilantro concoction. Toss in a small tub of Greek pasta salad and we're talking about a killer meal off the grill. Plus, there was enough chicken in one pouch for two meals. Oustanding flavor!


Also on my new list - a restaurant that reminded me of an eatery you might find in the Little Italy section of New York City. Mambo Italiano is a popular restaurant off Highway 64.  The owner is from Long Island and the troubadour there sings everything from Tony Orlando to Sinatra. I really liked the atmosphere and people seemed like they were having a lot of fun.


My final new item comes from the gym where I’ve started some interval training. It’s pretty intense but it doesn’t take as long as regular exercise and I’m already starting to see results. I’ll blog more about that later.


What’s new with you?


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  • sandpwatson Mar 20, 2010

    I read your blogs quite often and never thought I'd write one. This will probably be my only one. What's new is I'm enjoying my husband home after 8 months of hospitalization and rehab. If you are bored stand up tall, hold up your hands, wiggle your fingers, blink, take a wonderful deep long breath, go outside and feast upon the beauty God has provided for you, write your name, walk across a room, hold your loved one in your arms, watch them smile, listen to the birds, close your eyes and listen to all the sounds, eat whatever you want,go where ever you want then give me a reason to be bored with nothing to do. Bored, not on your life. Live.

  • lseltmann Mar 19, 2010

    A new restaurant I tried on Wednesday was 618 Bistro on Lake Boone Trail. It's a little hard to find but was very charming. They did not specifically have a children's menu but our waiter went out of his way to serve my five year old. I look forward to going back for dinner some time. I definately recommend it!

  • Celt Mar 19, 2010

    I am taking a class in bonsai--that is new and pretty cool!

  • blytle Mar 19, 2010

    Hey, Riverracer8. Have you ever considered taking a class either online or some of the community college offerings at local schools in the evenings? You might find something of interest there that would break up the boredom. I did a online course several years ago and I liked it so much that I ended up in graduate school!!

  • Higgins Mar 19, 2010

    I recently joined the gym at Galloway Ridge in Chatham County. Am loving the workout machines and the pool!

  • mattbowman Mar 19, 2010

    I just wanted to share a something neat that I have been using. For those of you who like to read, I suggest in enrolling in a Wake County library account online. Be sure that you have a library card first. If you od not, you can get one at any wake county library. Just be sure to takr you driver license ads id when you go. You can reserve a book and have it sent to any library you choose or one that is close to you. All you have to do is go to the main wake county website, select library and the create an account. Most book you can check out for 3 weeks. You can do all of this online. It is fast and easy. Try it today. You'll be hooked in no time.

  • Riverracer8 Mar 19, 2010

    There is absolutely notning new in my life. I'm bored and stagnant - any ideas?

  • wdwbmw Mar 19, 2010

    I, too, got a Kindle in September and think it is wonderful. Wasn't sure if I could adjust to not holding an actual book but it is great. Recently I read Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls on the recommendation of a friend. It is a novel based on a true story and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to download and read her other book about the same family.

  • blytle Mar 19, 2010

    Since I got my Kindle in September, I've been reading lots of books. Quite often they will offer a book by an author for free and I have met some new authors that way. I have really been into Steve Berry's books and I think I'm on the last one now. The Paris Vendetta is his latest and it includes some characters from previous books. These are mystery/thrillers taking place all over the world. Good writing, exciting stories and interesting characters.

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