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100 Good Memories

Posted March 12, 2010

Folks really seemed to enjoy a blog topic here two years ago called 100 Good Memories. Think of something in the past that makes you smile. Please put just one thought per thread, however, feel free to leave as many threads as you would like.

If you like today's topic, help make this a Golo Hot Topic by voting for it at the start of the comments section. Let’s try to generate 100 Good Memories today.

I'll start with several memories. Please offer yours.

(1) I remember when Mission Valley Shopping Center in Raleigh was a 36 hole putt putt golf course.

(2) I remember great seafood at Neptune's Galley on Western Boulevard.

(3) I remember laughing to Ray Wilkinson's stories about Cecil and Leonard

(4)  I remember Sail With the Pilot commercials in the ACC Tournament.


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  • dshayeking Mar 19, 2010

    Neptune's Galley. I used to work there when I was in college. I miss that place, I miss Dipsy too! She was quite an interesting lady!

  • dshayeking Mar 19, 2010

    Oh how could I forget, my Great Uncle Lane loved for me to comb his hair when he was laying on the couch. I sure miss him!

  • dshayeking Mar 19, 2010

    I have the fondest memories spending the summers at my late Great Uncle Lane and Aunt Rosalie's house out off of Penny Road in Raleigh. My Great Aunt Rosalie could make the best ham biscuits. I also had fond memories of sitting outside under the tree in their front yard shucking corn & snapping beans.

  • dshayeking Mar 19, 2010

    The Blue Anchor Seafood Restaurant on Hillsborough St. across from Meredith College where Applesbees now sits.

  • heyyoudreamer Mar 16, 2010

    I grew up in Goldsboro, NC and now live in Wake Forest, NC.

    I could remember as a kid going to a old country store - Singletons on South Hwy 111 from Goldsboro with my Dad. Mr. Singleton the owner had a down home country store with full service gas. He always friendly and was very frank with his opinion. He did have a joke or funny story lined up everyday. He had anything you would need inside his store and most of merchandise was stapled to the ceiling. All the farmers nearby would visit around lunchtime. Very friendly discussions went from Weather, ACC Basketball, Crops, Hunting, Fishing, or politics. It was a great diversion while working in my family's Greenhouse Business up the road a piece. Great Memories with my Father then. My dad would always get Bottled Coke and would add to it a package of Lances Redskin Peanuts. Drink and snack at the same time. May he rest in Peace.

  • DowntownGirl Mar 16, 2010

    I'm a little late seeing this, but no one mentioned the peanut man who used to have a stand on the steps of the capital square facing Fayetteville Street. You could buy a bag of peanuts and feed the pigeons and the squirrels. We would walk with my grandmother down there when I was really young.

    Also, the Embers Club downtown (Dawson & Davie?) in what is now the warehouse district, the Cat's Eye at Five Points when I was in high school.

    ...and, TruAde and striped gumballs in the gumball machine which you could exchange for a nickel's worth of candy.

  • sutsw Mar 15, 2010

    Was it Sunrise Theater on Saturday morning?? I used to love getting up early and having a bowl of cereal, careful not to wake my parents and watch the movie.

  • dharper22 Mar 15, 2010

    Each spring on the first day the Merry Go Round opened a Pullen Park Ray Wilkinson would lead all of his department to the park for a picnic after the noon programs and then we'd ride the Merry Go Round. That included sales and secretarial staff plus Ken Tanner and me...Dix Harper.

  • genegeneandnancy Mar 14, 2010

    To piknowles: Goodness! Kids in my neighborhood in our small town looked forward to every summer when the famous "fogging machine" would come by...we lived for the time the truck would come down our street and follow it! And never mind we had no clue as to what we were breathing! Great memories of days gone by

  • genegeneandnancy Mar 14, 2010

    Nick Pond as sportscaster




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