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Posted February 18, 2010

I'm losing it. I hate to admit it but I am. Twice in the last month I have failed. I need to hit the highway again and bolster my knowledge of the obscure townships across North Carolina.

Producers in the WRAL newsroom have always relied on me as the Tar Heel encyclopedia. Rarely does a day go by that some producer doesn't ask me to name the county where a town in the news is located. I'm usually pretty accurate.

But during recent winter storms I was asked on-air to identify the counties where Manson and Delway are located. I didn't know.

So I'm headed back to the map, gazeteer and highway for some hard study. I’m determined to regain my credibility. Once, as an extra credit project in the 8th grade, I memorized and recited all 100 NC counties and county seats. I think it’s time to re-visit that challenge.

Meantime I have a quiz for you with answers at the bottom. Let me know how you did. What was your score?  Don't peek.. Name the county where the following towns are located? 

1.  Manson
2.  Delway
3.  Moyock
4.  Wagram
5.  Shoefly
6.   Loafers Glory
7.   Beargrass
8.   Engelhard
9.   Climax
10. Cricket

Answers: (1) Warren. (2) Sampson (3) Currituck (4) Scotland (5) Granville (6) Mitchell (7) Martin (8) Hyde (9) Guilford (10) Wilkes


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  • bleslie Feb 19, 2010

    Bushy Fork! That's a great one! I've heard of it but I can't remember exactly where it is. Either Person or Caswell County.

  • WinnieFan Feb 19, 2010

    Never heard of any of those places..... heck, I thought Wilson was a small town, but probably not compared to these!

  • Con Amor luvs u regardless Feb 19, 2010

    Dont be so hard on yourself Bill! I live in Bushy Fork. Do you know where that is? We used be a town, well we still are, but it's so small, that a few years back, they decided to murge us with another town so that we would share their zip code & post office with them. So now out town name has changed, but we're still Bushy Fork. Without Google, do you know were I am?

  • wballanceunc Feb 19, 2010

    Very tough there. I didn't get any. Bill, another fun/interesting thing for me is coming up with town names that are either names of counties or have county names in them but are not in that county. Kind of tough to explain so here are some examples:

    Beaufort is not in Beaufort County
    Greenville is not in Greene County
    Vanceboro is not in Vance County

    I am sure there are some more but that should get you started.

  • ziradog Feb 18, 2010

    I'm not as good as you Bill but I'm not bad usually, having travelled a lot & married a school teacher. I got Englehard right & was off one county on Bear Grass even though I had been there. The rest weren't even close to right.

  • MaplesMom Feb 18, 2010

    My old job gave me a slight advantage... I got 6 correct. Fun quiz!

  • murdock Feb 18, 2010

    got 3 - moyock - once liked a guy from there; englehard - had a camp friend from there and bear grass - from martin county

  • wdwbmw Feb 18, 2010

    I knew some of these because I taught NC history in Wake County for some years and loved the geography of the state. I grew up in Peachland. Do you know where that is???

  • tennispro Feb 18, 2010

    I only knew one!! manson and that is because I am from vance county!! ha

  • fgump Feb 18, 2010

    2/10...knew Moyock and Climax. The rest were news to me!




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