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Most Unusual Gift

Posted December 28, 2009

What was the most unusual gift you received over the holidays? I’d like to offer a prize to the person with the most unique gift. Please share your gift news.

I had a nice Christmas. The most unusual gift came from my wife: a talking tire pressure gauge. I can't wait to give that baby a try. The second most unusual gift was a wine aerator. In fact I received two of them.  An aerator is supposed to make red wine taste better by giving it the perfect amount of air. 

The biggest surprise was the gift I didn't receive. No one gave me Roy Williams' book Hard Work. Maybe Roy will be willing to trade. I'll give him one of mine for one of his. Hey, Roy, I'll even throw in a couple of CDs. What do you think?


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  • withane Dec 30, 2009

    My daughter uses a certain brand of hair color, and I knew the color she uses. So last year a local store had a sale, and I had a coupon, so I got her a package for Christmas, a real good buy. She thought this was an unusual gift, but I said it was on sale! She said I'm glad Preparation H was not on sale. So-- guess what she got this year-- a tube of Preparation H!! As she opened the small package, I yelled "It was on sale!!"

  • Celt Dec 29, 2009

    My daughter surprised me with a scrapbook which she entitled "Papa's Daydreaming Book." Months and months ago I had told her about a book series I had as a child which had pictures of different countries. She had remembered which books meant the most to me--and over the months she began collecting postcards, pictures, stamps, etc. from those specific countries. She put them in the scrapbook nation by nation, and she decorated the pages with her own hair ribbons, etc. I began crying--and I wasn't sure whether I was crying because of the wonderful childhood memories I had, or because my daughter was so attentive to the things I said and worked for months on a gift that she knew would mean a lot to me.

  • NCSUBAEstudent Dec 29, 2009

    My mom and dad gave me a VIOlight this year for Christmas. It sanitizes toothbrushes using UV light. She gave me the travel toothbrush sanitizer, too. It's really different, and I never would have bought it myself. However, I find it neat and will test it out.

  • awheeless2 Dec 29, 2009

    One year my former husband... should I say X gave me and exercise bike....not the best present in the world....and men out there don't give you spouse or whom ever a exercise bike for Christmas...

  • dalejr88 Dec 29, 2009

    This I received the complete series of the tv show "The Greatest American Hero" from my husband and children. The best part was it came with a superhero cape to wear while watching the DVDs and the instruction manual from the "aliens" on how to unleash its "super powers". I was very excited to get the DVDs because I have been looking for them for years. "The Greatest American Hero" was my favorite show when I was little so it was a great surprise Christmas morning.

  • anggiet Dec 29, 2009

    This year, it was hilarious to see the grandkids open gifts from granny. It was a double pack of hand sanitizer! My sister-in-law gave me a basket with a pen, two pads, a journal, hand sanitizer (she does live with granny) AND a zip lock bag of rubber bands! Granny usually prefers to get toilet paper & paper towels for Christmas instead of knick-knacks to dust. Several people usually get her some, but I don't recall any under the tree this year.

  • davison Dec 29, 2009

    The most unusual (and meaningful) gift that I got was a framed copy of a recipe in my grandmother's handwriting (she has been gone now for 15 years). I was so surprised to see something in her handwriting and so touched. It's hanging in my kitchen.

  • TheDude abides... Dec 29, 2009

    My wife received this gift, but I've gotten it in the past, so maybe it'll count.

    For 40-some years, our family has passed around the same pair of bloomers (large underwear). I think they are a size 57 waist. Each year, the receiver adds a little something to the bloomers...ribbon, ornament, well-placed-shoe-polish-stain, etc.
    Now, the bloomers look like rodeo-clown pants.
    I was married over the summer and I guess the family-member who got em last year decided that this would be the most appropriate way to initiate my wife into the family.
    The best part is you are REQUIRED to model the beautiful bloomers for family photos after you receive them.

    Just too much history and too many stories associated with these "draws" to post here on GOLO. You asked for unusual. I figured this would suffice.

  • mysterywoman Dec 29, 2009

    My husband and I received an unusual gift from friends-a homemade root beer maker, complete with refills packages. Now, last year they got us an camping ice cream maker ball, so there may be a trend here...wonder what is coming next year? lol

  • LMRA Dec 29, 2009

    There are 4 people in my office. This year, we decided to pick names and limit our gifts to $10. The one male in the office got my name. He handed me a card at our gift exchange lunch. The card was filled with coins from 11 different European countries. I'm not sure if any of them can even be used (thanks to the euro) or if I'll ever make it to even one of the 11 countries (and I'm not a collector) but I have to say it certainly was an unusual gift!!




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