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Perfect Day

Posted December 17, 2009

I like to start each day with an inspirational story or quote. It helps keep me grounded and centered through the litany of heartbreaking news stories I broadcast.

I found a website this morning that advocated “The Perfect Day” concept. Inspiration Peak is the name of the site. Here’s the quote from an unknown author:

“Give yourself a perfect day. Do what makes you happiest. Look upon what gives you joy. Speak to those who warm your heart. Listen to that which lifts your spirit. Surround yourself with sights and sounds and people who give you pleasure. For all the happiness you give to others all year long, give yourself a perfect day."

My question to you is: what would be your perfect day? Please share your thoughts.


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  • pwilliamson53 Dec 18, 2009

    Any day is a perfect day. Cause it could be worse Being blessed with a wonderful husband and my children.

  • cagerat42 Dec 18, 2009

    A good day for me would be taking my boys on a hunt.Observing the sun come up in the morning in a tree stand waiting for deer or in a swamp waiting for the ducks to fly or by a tree waiting for a turkey is a beautiful sight.However my Grandma always said any morning your feet hit the floor that is a good day.

  • missparrothead Dec 18, 2009

    Hanging out on a beach in Cozumel with my family being able to swim and engage in lots of water sports. An added pleasure would be to have Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer band performing and batches of margaritas being whipped up. This of course, would be to celebrate lottery winnings so life could be more play and less work! AAAaaahhhh....

  • 2thebeach Dec 18, 2009

    I am an advocate of your unknown author's teachings! My perfect day would entail Carolina beating State, me winning the lottery, and me laying out in the sun at Bogue Sound.

  • weimy21 Dec 18, 2009

    My perfect day is when I can laugh at myself!

  • grammie27 Dec 18, 2009

    My perfect day is any Saturday when I'm working with the homeless ministry at my church. Getting things set up and ready, getting all the food out on the serving tables and then waiting in anticipation of seeing all of our homeless friends flocking in the doors, with tentative smiles on their faces and then seeing them break into big grins when they see us waiting for them. Getting hugs and "hellos", gathering around the perimeter of the fellowship hall, clasping hands and offering praises to God for another great day of H.O.P.E.! That's MY perfect day!

  • katizs Dec 17, 2009

    A perfect day for me is when me and my kids go and do something simple and fun (like a day on the beach) and that night as I tuck them in bed they tell me - "Mama, that was so much fun, when are we going to do that again?"

  • lseltmann Dec 17, 2009

    A perfect day for me are days that my son comes home from school with a smile on his face and a hug for me and a report of a good day at school. A day when I ask my son of events at school and he can tell me that he hasn't been picked on or bullied for being different. It's also a perfect day when my daughter also comes home with smiles and hugs and tells me of her day. Even if my day has not been pefect, hugs from my kids when they see me makes everything better.

  • lynneslaughter Dec 17, 2009

    a good book, some snick-snacks, peace and quiet. doesn't matter if it is in front of a fireplace in the mountains, swinging from a hammock at the beach, or soaking in a tub of bubbles. then later a nice meal out at one of my favorite eateries with a good friend or someone special.who knows what after dinner, maybe a good movie and candlelight. all i crave is a little solitude followed by some good companionship. best of both worlds.

  • blytle Dec 17, 2009

    My perfect day would be a day in London with my husband. We would stay at the Reubens Hotel, behind Buckingham Palace. The day would be spent sightseeing with afternoon tea at the Brown's Hotel. In the evening, we would have front row, center, balcony seats (our favorite place to sit) for Wicked, one of our favorite shows.




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