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November name quiz

Posted November 4, 2009

How good are you on North Carolina history? November has been a very newsworthy month for the Old North State. Here are ten questions for those bold enough to try.

(1) Name the Hertford County native who received a patent on a revolving six-barrel machine gun on this day in 1862.

(2) Name the Guilford County lawyer who on November 5, 1968, became the first black in modern history to win a seat in the NC House.

(3) Name the Johnston County beauty who married Frank Sinatra in November of 1951.

(4) Name the new Republican governor voted in on the coattails of Richard Nixon in November of 1972.

(5) Name the NC sharecropper’s child who was elected Philadelphia’s first black mayor on November 8, 1983.

(6) Name the first NC governor to take advantage of gubernatorial succession approved by Tar Heel voters on November of 1977.

(7) Name the famous aviator who landed her autogiro in Charlotte on November 10, 1931

(8) Name the comic monologue released on November 1953 that launched Andy Griffith’s career?

(9) Name the famous preacher who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine on November 15, 1993.

(10) Name the NC group that had the number one hit song “Stay” the week of November 21, 1960.


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  • bleslie Nov 4, 2009

    maeveduir - you're good! Really good!

  • maeveduir Nov 4, 2009

    oh- I didn't cheat... this is a HUGE hat tip to Lowes Grove Middle School- we went championship NC History Bowl (moons ago)- all that trivia has just stuck these years. Lord only knows what useful stuff won't stick now because of the space it's taking up.

  • maeveduir Nov 4, 2009

    by the way, to this day, gubernatorial is still one of my favorite words. It's just fun to say.

  • a change of heart Nov 4, 2009

    1) Gatling
    7) Amelia Earhart
    8) What it was, was football
    9) Billy Graham

    That's all I can get without cheating and using Google. :)


  • maeveduir Nov 4, 2009

    Having a bear of a time with posting... so if this duplicates, my apologies

    1 Richard Joseph Gatling
    2 Henry E. Frye
    3 Ava Gardner
    4 James Eubert Holshouser Jr
    5 Wilson Goode
    6 James Hunt
    7 Amelia Earhart 8 "What it was was football" 9 Billy Graham 10 Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs

  • battenclan09 Nov 4, 2009

    I know # 3 is Ava Gardner and that #7 is Amelia Earheart and I think # 10 is Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs (pretty good shaggin song) I am going to guess that #9 is Billy Graham

  • maeveduir Nov 4, 2009

    1) Richard Gatling, 2)Henry E. Frye, 3) Ava Gardner, 4) James Eubert Holshouser, Jr, 5) iWilson Goode, 6) James Hunt, 7)Amelia Earhart, 8) What it was was football, 9) Billy Graham, 10)Maurice WIlliams and the Zodiacs

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