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My name is Rufus

Posted November 2, 2009

(Guest Commentary)

Hi! My name is Rufus! I’m pretty new to the neighborhood. I’m Bill Leslie’s new puppy. Pops took me home over the weekend. They tell me I'm a cock-a-poo.

I was born nine weeks ago near Oxford. I come from a large family. There are seven of us. Most of us are boys. I love to play football. I also love to play with my new stuffed friends including a monkey, a husky and a squeaky alien.

Mom and Dad say I passed the tummy test unlike Sparky who died a year ago. I love to roll over on my back and have my tummy scratched. They tell me I'm going to be a sweet and loving dog.

So far I've only had two little accidents. One happened near the fern plant in the sunroom. I swear that plant told me to do my business.

I look forward to meeting Tracker even though he is a lot bigger. 

What is the name of your dog? What are your favorite puppy stories. I would love to hear them. What do you think of my name?

Pops Leslie will be back tomorrow.


Rufus McDuffus Leslie


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  • ncgrits1 Nov 10, 2009

    Hey Rufus, you're a lucky dog -- and Bill, you're a lucky human! I also have a dog named Rufus, and they're the BEST -- whatever the breed! (Mine's a rescue of uncertain heritage, so maybe I should say "whatever the breed(s)"!)
    Here's wishing you much happiness together! Please keep sharing photos & stories!

  • kendeb1982 Nov 6, 2009

    Hi Rufus. Gunther & Gidget here. We are yellow lab pups and we live in Zebulon, we are almost 7 months old now. We are so happy that you found a great home. We feel very lucky to have great parents as well. Our mom & dad lost their black lab in April of this year. Can you believe that she was 15 years old. After Velvet went ot doggie heaven my mom & dad got us, we were adopted Father's Day weekend. We will be looking forward to hearing more about you in the coming weeks/months.

  • jcmiller Nov 4, 2009

    Hi Rufus, This is Zoe; I'm your aunt. I'm a very black toy poodle and I may be little, but boy can I jump. I'll show you how to jump in a chair and BAM!, right onto the breakfast table. Ahh, maybe not, because I got into a lot of trouble when I did that. I don't know why because I only ate half a cookie. I'm just over a year old now so I know everything and can teach you so much. I can't wait to see you so we can play together.
    Love, Zoe

  • dcann1950 Nov 4, 2009

    Hi Rufus. My name is "Charley". I am your brother. My grandparents were there the day your Mom and Dad picked you out. My grandpa, who is also named "Pop", looks just like Santa Claus. They came back the next week-end, with Austin. He is my 10 year old "Daddy". He thinks he picked me out, but actually I picked him. We live in Fuquay-Varina. My Nana thought you were the "cutest" of our liter, but I have since stolen her heart. I think I have this potty thing down. Just a few accidents, and they were in the sunroom, too. I went on an outing with a bunch of Boy Scouts this week-end. Wow, Boy Scouts are fun. We have a derby this week-end, sure hope Austin will take me. I love to go places with him. Take care, Rufus and please stay in touch. I will always love you, Your Brother, "Charley Wagger James"

  • stevenalowe Nov 3, 2009

    Rufus is cool! I believe anybody that takes the time and effort to adopt a pet is truly rewarded. I know you are looking for dog names, but I have 2 cats with neat names, a black & white named Moonpie, and a brownish gray tabbie named RC.

  • bettysdesignpups Nov 3, 2009

    I am so glad to see you guys are happy with your new pups. I look forward to seeing pics of him when he gets bigger. I never get to see any of them once they leave. I LOVE the story on him he is such a cutie!

  • lelliott5 Nov 3, 2009

    Hello Rufus and welcome to Wake County. We were born in Oxford also but now live in Wake County. We are poodles and brothers, one red and one apricot. Before we came to live in Wake County, our Mama had a black poodle for 17 years. She was heart broken when she lost her best friend. Daddy said Mama was “moping around” after she lost her best friend, so he insisted that the family get another dog. When Daddy and Mama came to see us for the first time, we were the only 2 of our brothers and sisters who hadn’t found a new home. We were so cute that Daddy and Mama got both of us! We love being part of our family and know that you will love being part of your new family also.
    Your friends, Peanut and Butter

  • Riverracer8 Nov 2, 2009

    Hi Rufus! He is such a cutie. Buddy, Ernie, King, Harley, Stripey Biscuit, Binks, Houdini, and Hoppy say Hello!

  • marywag Nov 2, 2009

    Hello Rufus, Boy you sure are a cutie pie!! We are so happy for Pops & Mama Lesile!! You have found a really good loving home and so glad that they found you!! My little brother Sammy and I are loving kitties and we make messes for Mommy to clean up all the time, but she love taking care of us!! Behave yourself and hope to see more of you!! Lila

  • thinknc Nov 2, 2009

    I'm a boxer named Arwen and live near Oxford, though I was born near Cary. I'm eight--but my folks say I'm still a big puppy. I love to run, and especially like to run full speed toward my folks, veering off at the last second. Last Halloween I tore up the bat decorations--this year I went for the raven! Mom wasn't happy about it, but I gave her my pitiful look and didn't get into too much trouble. I love going in the pond and getting all muddy. Funny how my folks don't seem to like the mud as much as I do.......Enjoy your new home, Rufus, and stay out of trouble...but work on your own pitiful look just in case.




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