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Peaceful places

Posted October 12, 2009

If you're searching for a peaceful place for a walk where do you go? Maybe it's a park, a greenway or a secluded spot at the beach or in the mountains. Please share your favorite peaceful places.

I was in the mountains last weekend and took this photograph of Bluff Mountain Trail in Doughton State Park. This trail has been a favorite family refuge for many years. I really like the wide open spaces here.

What about you? Where do you go for a peaceful walk?


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  • fgump Oct 13, 2009

    Just encountered Doughton Park for the first time this past weekend...what a wonderful place! Kid-friendly hiking too. My new favorite park on the BRP.

  • Wheelman Oct 12, 2009

    I've got my places in the mountains, but I can't tell you about them. If you didn't know better you would swear that you're the only person on earth. No one but you and the good Lord to try to find some peace and to sort it all out. Helps you remember how small you are and how big He is and at that very moment there is nothing to get between the two of you.

  • thinknc Oct 12, 2009

    Love the Doughton Park trail, too. Lots of memories of my children climbing over the rocks and through the rhododendron thickets--and watching the raptors soar while resting at the hikers' shelter. Most often I walk along the pond dam and through the woods behind my house. Just a few minutes from the house, but far enough to escape for a few minutes of solitude and meditation.

  • pwilliamson53 Oct 12, 2009

    Going to Atlantic beach. Walk on the beach or just sitting and listening to the sounds. Looking out over the ocean and day dreaming. The sounds at the beach are as peaceful as you can get. God's amazing creation.

  • happy Oct 12, 2009

    When I was in highschool I worked for the Youth Conservation Corps in Yancey County and for several weeks we drove about half way up Mt. Mitchell and then hiked in to where we were working making switch backs on a horse trail. We were so far in the woods there was no car noise. We crossed a stream on the way in and out and we would occasionally buy a couple of watermelons and put them in on the way in and then pull them out on the way home. Cold as ice, even in July!

  • tennispro Oct 12, 2009

    Lake Johnson is one of the most peaceful places to walk. It's especially pretty this time of year when the leaves are colorful. Pine knoll shores was wonderful this weekend too. It wasn't crowded at all on the beach so enjoyed taking longggggg walks!!also met chris hoffman(meteorologist at wtvd 11) and his cute family on the beach..!

  • ribbons55 Oct 12, 2009

    One of my favorite spots in the NC Mountains (there are so many?) is Big Witch overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Cherokee. The name gets my writer's imagination going.

  • history6557 Oct 12, 2009

    To me, one of the most peaceful walks is through God's Acre at Old Salem in Winston-Salem during the Easter Sunrise Service. Even though you are only one among many thousands in addition to a five hundred piece Moravian band present there is a quiet reverence and peace present that is so moving. The soul is revived, reassured and refocused all at the same time. It has been a favorite walk of mine since childhood.

  • LMRA Oct 12, 2009

    fishnett - If I can ever retire (17 years and counting!), that is my dream! To do just that everyday. I grew up near the ocean and even worked for 2 summers at a beach on Fire Island (NY) and I never get tired of the sights and sounds of the beach. Kids giggling in the summer and the crash of the waves in the off-season.

    I agree 100%!!!!

  • fishnett5977 Oct 12, 2009

    Sunset Beach, in my chair, this time of year or even better on a not so cold day in January. Still people on the beach this time of year, but I can handle that - not like in July but still enjoy being there then too! Love to close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the ocean waves,the gulls, and the wind.
    Can hardly wait! Going down this weekend to the Oyster Festival at Ocean Isle!!! I dont eat oysters but my hubby do! And you can bet that sometime this weekend I will be sitting on the beach at Sunset, doing my favorite thing!!! Just soaking up that air, the sounds and finding peace in my soul...if just for a little while! :)

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