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Ocracoke - Lodging & Dining

Posted September 17, 2009

Where are your favorite places to stay and dine when you're on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Please weigh in.

Since we're focusing on Ocracoke this week I thought I would limit my recommendations to the quaint Hyde County village. During my most recent trip to Ocracoke I stayed at The Castle bed & breakfast along Silver Lake. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. You've got some great views of the village at The Castle and a hearty meal each morning. I'm also a big fan of another Ocracoke B&B - The Crews Inn owned by my friend Alton Ballance. Several years ago while working on a documentary I spent a night at Thurston House Inn and had a delightful time.

What about restaurants at Ocracoke? I love the food at a new place called Dajio across from Silver Lake and the wait staff was superb. The Back Porch is also a terrific choice for seafood. A lot of people rave about Howard's. Flying Melon served up a top notch lunch. We didn't make it to Pony Island Restaurant but I hear it offers a perfect sample of old time Ocracoke cuisine.

What about you? Where do you lodge and dine on the Outer Banks?


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  • dentech Sep 18, 2009

    We once drove all the way from Duck to Ocracoke just to have lunch at
    Howards Pub. Love the food and atmosphere.

  • dbhalb Sep 18, 2009

    We always stay at the Pony Island Inn and the penthouse is great. We eat breakfast at the Pony Island Inn Rest. every morning, lunch may be at Jolly Rogers on the deck for shrimp or SmacNally's (?) for the coldest beer and best burgers. We enjoy both of those and enjoy watching the boats come in with their catch of the day, then dinner at Howard's Pub. The very best place to dine is right there on the shores of the island. A cold beer and sandwiches and chips, spinach dip. You can't get any better than that!!

  • BurninStick Sep 18, 2009

    Bluff Shoals also sits across the street from the old Pelican Bar. A couple times this week I’ve expressed my love for that place. I have nothing against the ‘Doug & Judy,’ never even been in there, but the Pelican Bar is/was a large part of what epitomizes Island life to my way of thinking; and not just the beer, far from it.

    See y’all on the sand.

  • BurninStick Sep 18, 2009

    And we still enjoy bunking at our penthouse suite in the Pony Island Motel. Actually it’s a 3rd story lock-out room that we call our knock-out room…a more fitting and more romantic name we think.

    Other OI establishments have provided comfortable lodging too, but the last place I want to mention today is the Bluff Shoals Motel. Their porch offers the very best view of OI wildlife in the Village. Throughout the day in-season, just a few feet in front of you, will pass a seemingly endless and entertaining wave of Island visitors that come in all shapes and sizes, nationalities and colors, in various stages of dress and states of consciousness…all on Island time, cordial and relaxed and exuding a bliss mainland folks don’t even know exists. Bluff Shoals...

  • BurninStick Sep 18, 2009

    I’m really not a regular poster at WRAL but, ever since this OI blog series rolled out, I haven’t been able to sit on the sidelines. Fifteen years or so into our ongoing love affair with the Island my wife and I decided to trade sleeping under the stars at the federal campground for accommodations more suitable to our aging backs. So we packed up the hippie bus and struck out downbeach for the village. Over the years we’ve enjoyed stays at several Ocracoke motels. One particular experience stands apart from the rest. One year we were fortunate enough to lay claim to one of the ‘antiques’ rooms in the at the Island Inn. That room was haunted, I swear, but we eventually made peace with the resident spirit. The kicker about this room was that only a few steps away we had access to the balcony overlooking Lighthouse Rd. The annual 4th of July parade, a spectacle everybody should witness, marched right below our perch as it turned in off of 12. THAT’s hometown America I t

  • thelostlight Sep 17, 2009

    Blackbeard's Lodge, of course. Owners Chip & Helena are terrific hosts! The hotel was previously known as the Wahab Village Hotel and was the place to go during WWII when it offered guests a movie theatre and roller skating rink. Plan to be there on Nov. 22, 2009 for the anniversary of Blackbeard's death and the Pirate Memorial at Springer's Point.

  • ty320f Sep 17, 2009

    We usually visit Ocracoke by boat, which is also what we spend the night on. We frequent the Anchorage Inn & Marina; they have a great marina with good rates, and a pool available to guests on boats and in rooms.

    As far as restaurants, of course Howard's Pub must be a first-time visitor's choice, but there are many great establishments all across the island!

  • Riverracer8 Sep 17, 2009

    Can't forget about sushi night at Jason's - very good!

  • wdwbmw Sep 17, 2009

    Basnight's Lone Cedar on the causeway between Manteo and Nags Head is wonderful. We've never had anything there that was not outstanding.

  • vbd Sep 17, 2009

    We check out the rentals from Ocracoke Island Realty. They have lots of great places. The best are the old boyette hotel condos - great value, excellent amenities, central location. For great pizza (and everything else), one of our favorites is Jason's. My son's favorite is always Howards pub (try the ring toss game on the porch behind all of the video games).




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