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Posted September 10, 2009

Last year we did a popular blog on memories. I've received numerous emails from friends who would like to do it again. Let's start each post today with "I remember................." You fill in the blank.

I'll get things started.

I remember the magic of Winky Dink.

I remember the sweetness of a Pine State nutty buddy.

I remember the intrigue of Sputnik.

I remember a great telelvision show called The Rogues.

I remember Pat Patterson, Johnny Dollar and Two Flags Over Fuquay.

What do you remember?


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  • history6557 Sep 14, 2009

    I remember in grade school our instructors teaching us the state song "The Old North State." Today, hardly anyone under fifty- teachers especially- know we even have a state song!

  • enjoytheride2011 Sep 11, 2009

    I remember getting a huge computer in 2nd grade and not using it until 4th when I had to do a ABC book on NC.
    I remember watching the Raleigh Christmas parade from my dad's CCBI office.
    I remember hanging out at the car dealer ship where my dad worked secreity.
    I remember four wheeling before Triangle Town Center was complete.
    I remember going to eat at Crabtree on Friday nights.
    I remember going to the General store in Boone and getting tons of candy under 2 dollars.
    I remember when gas was rarely over a dollar. I remember when Fran destroyed our yard and we had to go stay with my grandparents for 2 weeks. I remember when Isabel hit and my dog died. I remember the wonderful ice/snow storm in 2002 when my goldfish froze to death in its bowl. I remember going to the state fair every year since i was 1 (the first year it ended the day i was born). I remember when Clayton did not have the Riverwood community or East Clayton. I remember when the CHS auditorium was trashed with cuss words.

  • enjoytheride2011 Sep 11, 2009

    Being part of a younger generation caught in the middle of this technology storm I remember the days before computers were common, when it was a rariety to have cable.
    I remember when we got computers in first grade, we had to share 3 kids to a computer.
    I remember the yummy mashed potatoes in preschool.
    I remember preschool graduation held at Clayton Middle in the drama room.
    I remember, eight years ago today that I had been learning about pentagons, and had just come in from running the 50 yeard dash when I found out about Sept. 11.
    I remember going to Pullen Park to ride the carasal and boats, to explore the train car.
    I remember going to the fireworks at the state fair when it rained so hard you couldn't see and every drop stung. I remember getting medicine at the lone pharmacy in downtown Raleigh. I remember Clayton before we had Walmart, when everyone shopped at Winn Dixie. I remember spending every weekend my grandparents house.

  • lcooke2 Sep 11, 2009

    I remember Fireman's Day in Apex and chasing the greased pig, dixie cup ice cream with a picture of a movie star inside the lid, when it snowed every Wednesday for three weeks, when Pullen Park has the only pool in the area, sock hops at Memorial Auditorium, Roy Pinion's drive in across from Meredith College, the Piggy Park and Shoenys on Downtown Blvd, the Catapillar on Hillsboro, the White Castle diner & Pin & Cue on Hillsboro, 5 cent drinks and candy bars, 25 cent gas, one stoplight in Apex, when teachers could spank students without getting into trouble, when life was simpler and safer.

  • mbsheisey Sep 11, 2009

    I also remember Pat Patterson, Johnny Dollar and Two Flags over Fuquay. Pat Patterson would give the school lunch of the day and one day it was chocolate covered chicken necks on a stick. I have fond memories of Pat Patterson!

  • shutterbug Sep 10, 2009

    I remember Hurricane Hazel and when my school burned when I was in 7th grade, barning tobacco with a mule. 'Nuf said.

  • Retired teacher Sep 10, 2009

    We remember Chub Seawell on WRAL who ended his comments with "call your next case." He often talked about the billions, billions, and trillions building referring to the BB & T building. We also remember the Tastee Freeze in Apex and Fuquay. A Sunday night date would include watching Bonaza and eating french fries from Tastee Freeze. My husband remembers Mr. Luther Hodges coming to the Labor Day celebration in Fuquay, and kids climbing the greased pool to get the money on top, and the street dance at night.

  • davidgnews Sep 10, 2009

    I remember WRAL playing a nice rendition of 'Dixie' at station signoff (thoughout the 60s and 70s), but don't know what year they discontinued it. Anyone know? Late 70s, early 80s ?

  • thinknc Sep 10, 2009 thrilled I was when my Daddy brought me a plastic ruler with cartoon depictions of the NCSU championship team--David Thompson, Monte Towe, Tommy was a hit in my 5th grade class

    ...when everyone had to get a pair of Converse All-Stars in the color of their favorite ACC team

  • AaronShadowzz Sep 10, 2009

    I'm only 19, and I've lived in the Triangle since Aug 2005, so my memories are just general, not NC specific.

    I remember when there was no digital cable or satellite TV. You had basic cable and liked it. I remember when the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were the most popular bands. I remember when Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit were the popular nu-metal(a term for rap and rock mixed) bands.




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