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Posted August 20, 2009

We love to do themes on our popular Hometown Hello segment each morning. At 7:10A.M. and 8:10A.M. each week day morning on WRAL News on Fox 50 we profile a North Carolina town and offer three or four interesting facts about the community.

This week we are profiling towns with upbeat names. We did Love Valley today. Do you remember the controversial rock concerts held there several decades ago? Earlier this week we saluted the community of Joy in Burke County. We also talked about Heartsease in Edgecombe County. Harmony in Iredell County was featured yesterday. Have you ever heard of a community called Friendship? Well, tune in tomorrow.

Next week, just for the fun of it, we will profile Tar Heel towns and places with downer names such as Worry, Kill Devil Hills and Cape Fear.

Plus, we’re planning an insect week. I came up with five communities with insect names. Why would you name your town after a bug? Beats me.

Today’s question: what is your hometown and how could we include it in a Hometown Hello theme week? We would love to hear your ideas as we learn more and more about this great state of North Carolina.


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  • nimueowl Aug 21, 2009

    I live in downtown Cary, which is where I grew up, although I've lived many places (all in NC) in between. I think it would be interesting, if it has not already been done, to go to historic cemeteries. There is a cute little one behind Cary Elem, right near me, that I go walking in. There is always Oakwood, that my friends and I at Enloe High School used to meet our boyfriends in. Also it would be interesting to go to the Cabelands, in west Durham. The Cabelands is part of Eno River State Park and used to be the land of the Cabe family who owned a mill and lived there. There's what is left of a graveyard, the river, and a quarry people swim in. I used to walk my dog there almost every day when we lived very near there for two years.

  • cheddarhead Aug 21, 2009

    New Hill!!! New Hill Historic District, New Hope Valley Railway, the whole Sewage Treatment Facility fiasco and below is a website about New Hill!!

  • no more - no less Aug 20, 2009

    Hometown - Shallotte (Brunswick County)

    Legend has it that the town was named after wild shallot onioins that grew along the river bank.

  • wkp01 Aug 20, 2009

    How low can you go? I was born and "raised" in the community of Lowland in Pamlico Co. There was nowhere to go but up.
    Home of basketball great player and coaching legend Horace "Bones" McKinney. The tidewater loves it there, so do mosquitos, and so do all that lived there. Good folks from small and "low" places.

  • Question Aug 20, 2009

    I grew up in the very small town of Clarkton. Anna Whistler, the Whistler mother from the famous Arrangement in Grey and Black painting by her son, James Whistler, lived in Clarkton for a while. Her family (the MacNeals) originally owned the land on which my parents built their home. Part of the wall of the MacNeal plantation house still stands. It was burned down years ago by people looking for gold in the walls! Daffodils still bloom around the house--true heirlooms! Clarkton was once called Dalton--rumor is, it was named that after a visit by the Dalton gang. Rather odd, if you ask me!

  • mammothman53 Aug 20, 2009

    "You can have a Dunn address and live in Harnett, Johnston, Sampson or Cumberland counties. Does any other town have that distintion?"

    Yes,Sharpsburg. You can have a Sharpsburg address and live in Nash,Wilson or Edgecombe counties.

  • cornfused Aug 20, 2009

    WEll, I am from Kenly, FRiendly Kenly in JOhnston Coubnty< WE even have the Friendly Kenly Song written by the late Ginny WIcker. I no longer live there, but it still has the small town friendly feel. I love going back to Kenly and really miss living there!

  • fishnett5977 Aug 20, 2009

    I live in Johnston county, have Dunn address and a Benson phone number. Just less than a mile from me, people have a Benson address and the ones 1 to 2 miles have Newton Grove addresses! Go figure! My brother lives in Sampson county,right off Hwy 421 - just about 2 miles from Midway high school. He has a Cohaire phone number and a ROSEBORO address. Would seem that it would be a Salemburg address cause when you go down hwy 242, Salemburg is first then Roseboro! Weird!
    I think Bill needs to do the hometown facts thing. And do towns/townships with names of places, like Meadow!!!lol My hometown is Erwin. Use to be the largest denim maker in the world! Had the worlds biggest pair of overalls they displayed every year at Denim Days!

  • jbass2 Aug 20, 2009

    How about towns that used to be called something else - like Burlington used to be known as Company Shops? And Eden was Leaksville, Spray and Draper.

  • bleslie Aug 20, 2009

    Brilliant ideas! I love them! Keep them coming!




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