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Petals of Romance

Posted August 17, 2009

It hasn’t been the easiest month for my daughter Lauren. As a first grade teacher she has felt the sting of state budget cuts. Not only did she take a pay cut,  she saw her class size mushroom by more than 40% while her teaching assistant’s hours were cut in half. So what happened Friday night came at a good time.

Lauren has been dating US Naval Academy engineering graduate Luke Wolf for more than two years. Luke popped the question Friday night in romantic style. Luke managed to smuggle a single rose into Lauren’s car at school and then scattered rose petals up the stairs to her apartment where he fell to his knees and proposed. We then surprised her with a dinner party at her favorite restaurant – Irregardless. Owner Arthur Gordon made sure everything was perfect and it was. What a grand evening!

Lauren and Luke haven’t picked a wedding date yet. A lot will depend on Luke’s military assignment which should be announced soon. Cindy and I are absolutely delighted. Luke is a handsome, smart and terrific guy and he loves Lauren dearly. Plus, we share a love for basketball and football.  In addition, he’s quite the handyman, which I am not, and every family needs at least one.

Today’s question: how did your wedding engagement unfold? I’ll give a prize for the best love story.

Plus, tomorrow we will announce some prize winners from previous blogs.

Show me some love!


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  • ysq2 Aug 19, 2009

    My now husband and I were friends for 3 years before we decided to date. After our second date, we knew we wanted to get married. We were married 3 months to the day from the date we decided to get married. During our brief engagement I asked him NOT to buy me an engagement ring. I am known for losing things and I was terrified I'd lose it! We compromised, I got a ring that wasn't traditional, but it was beautiful! It had 4 rubies and 3 diamonds in it. We have the same birthday in July and he said, "I want you to have the rubies because of our birthday and because you're a Proverbs 31 woman. I am blessed to have you. (Proverbs 31 in the KJV says my worth is far above rubies) :) After 6 happy years of marriage, I still had the ring! A record for me I'm sure.

    Unfortunately, we were both right, he said I wouldn't lose the ring because I loved him and told him that the ring would get lost. I wasn't the one who lost it. My son was going potty and was playing with my ring...

  • blueangelchild2001 Aug 18, 2009

    My engagement just happened on August 1, 2009. My Birthday is July 31st, and sadly enough my fiance had to work that night. Once he was off work Saturday morning he came home and threw the ring box up under the bed (as it was 4 in the morning and I was sleeping beautifully!). He then proceeded to "bother" me while I was sleeping. He kept touching my face and hugging me, trying to at least get me to coherent state. After continuously asking him to "Just go take a shower and let me sleep!" he took the ring out of the box and slid it on my finger. At first I was very confused. He kissed my hand and said "Will you marry me?" I was thrilled! I had been waiting for some time for this (we have been dating for 4 years) and NEVER expected for it to happen any time soon! I was completely awake at this point but decided to go back to sleep. As soon as daylight came I was up and out of the bed on the way to spread the wonderful news!!!

  • kimlane Aug 17, 2009

    On our second anniversary of our first date I was at work when I received a package, which contained an evening gown, shoes and a note to be dressed in this attire. The note also read to be waiting in the lobby of my building here in Raleigh. A long stretch limo pulled up and the driver opened the door and called me by name. Inside waited my boyfriend, hors de oeuvres and a bottle of wine. We drove to the Oceanic at Wrightsville Beach. The limo driver laid out red carpet and we had dinner. After dinner we took a stroll on the beach, where my husband got on one knee, and presented me with a hand painted ceramic egg which held a diamond, and he proposed. He had a local jeweler make the ring for me months earlier. A photographer, he had hired, was the first to congratulate us. All of which was a surprise to me. When we returned to the limo we had dessert and champagne. After our wedding he had the same limo driver at the church for our ride to the reception.

  • maxx Aug 17, 2009

    Congratulations Future Father-in Law!!

  • mom2kids71 Aug 17, 2009

    The most romantic story I could think of was that of my grandparents. It was 1947 and my grandfather was in the Navy and stationed at San Diego. My grandmother at the time was living with her family around Torrance, CA. In mid-March of that year there was a barn dance in Compton and his buddy had been dating one of her friends. They decided to make it a double date...a blind one for the "friends". Well, the rest was basically history...he was a country boy from Fuquay-Varina, NC and she originally from the big city of Chicago. They were married in June of that same year (yes...I said June 1947). They had nine dates (eight of them double) before they took off to Yuma, AZ to elope (she was only 17). They were married for 57 and one-half years before their passing in late 2004/early 2005.

  • The Big Five Insider Aug 17, 2009

    I will tell my grandparent's engagement story, b/c it is the best one I have ever heard. My grandfather was stationed over-seas during World War II. He love my grandmother more than anything, and he was afraid he would not make it home to be able to propose to her. And...he also didn't have a ring to propose with. So, he and a buddy 'borrowed' a cow, had it butchered into steaks, and he traded the steaks in town for a diamond ring. He mailed the ring to his sweethearts father back in Tennessee. He had her father propose for him, in case he never made it home. They were married for over 60 years! I hope someday to have a story just as unique & romantic!!

  • marywag Aug 17, 2009

    Bill, Jim and I had a very romantic evening on my birthday in Dec.86! He drove to Durham's Lohmans Plaza resturant called Bakashah (cannot remember the spelling) one of Georgio's wonderful places!! How romantic! When we arrived there was a lovely circular booth with a beautiful vase of 24 long stemmed red roses and a bottle of our favorite wine! Across from our booth, a grand piano with a wonderful man playing all of our favorite tunes! While we were having our salad I heard a piece that you didn't hear too often back then "The Nearest of You" the pianist was singing and it was lovely, then suddenly Jim knelt down on his knee and recited a poem to me and proposed I was so surprised I was thinking it was a lovely birthday celebration and he was proposing! I cried for the remainder of the beautiful meal. By the way, Mom and Dad knew all about it and were waiting to hear the news too!! Doodle-bug

  • LMRA Aug 17, 2009

    My story doesn't exactly have a happy ending but here goes.

    We were both in grad school. We had both moved to Delaware from other states and lived in the same dorm. Our second Thanksgiving at school, we went to NYC (he had never been) and on top of the World Trade Center observation deck, we told each other we were in love!

    A few months later, we went back to NYC to pick out a special diamond for me. I had always wanted a heart shaped stone but it had to be perfect. There it was - sitting in a jewelry case. We brought it back to Delaware to pick a setting.

    Back to NYC we go - back up to the Observation Deck - for the big proposal (all planned of course - he WAS an engineer after all!). It's dusk - we're facing uptown Manhattan. The sun is setting, the buildings lights are on and he proposed on top of the world!!! I say yes . . .

    A few months later it was over. I gave back the ring. Now there is some woman in Germantown, MD wearing my perfect diamond!!!

  • jasonhammond Aug 17, 2009

    Mandie and I met at church. After about a 1 ½ of pursuing a relationship and being turned down twice, and a lot of prayer we started a relationship. I knew early on that she was the one that the Lord had for me. We started in March; I bought the ring in June and didn’t propose until October. I told my supervisor I needed a day off when I decided to do it. 2 days later, she worked out the whole schedule and gave me a day. I was committed. I took her to the Duke Botanical Gardens and after walking around, I found a little bridge over the water, and started to talk to her about what I’m called to as a husband in Ephesians 5. It was overcast, and as I got down on my knee, the clouds rolled back and the sun came out. It took what seemed like forever, but she said yes! The Lord has been good, because as of 2 months ago we were finally married and were able to share our first kiss together on our wedding day!

  • lynneslaughter Aug 17, 2009

    my marriage proposal was a little unusual. my soon to be and I had dated off and on for about 4 1/2 years. The winter had been usual for North Carolina.It had sleeted the day before and then snowed afterwards. I was off, but he had to go to work. He was an EMT/Firefighter. I watched him fishtail out of the drive in his less than 2 month old new blue caprice. he loved that car. I got a call about an hour later. He was in route to the hospital. another car had crossed the center line and hit him head on.I brought him home from the ER and took care of him for about 3 days.We went to see the car. The steering wheel was in the floorboard. He was black and blue from neck to groin. He looked at the car , then at me and said "we better get married before I get killed". No ring, just awe at what could have been. We married within 3 months.I love him more today than ever.I finally got that diamond ring for our 10th wedding anniversary.




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