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Great Journeys

Posted August 4, 2009

What is the greatest journey you have taken so far?  What will be your next great journey?

What do you consider the true epic journeys of mankind?

Please share. I’ll send a copy of my CD “Peaceful Journey” to the blogger with the best answers.

Thanks to Bonnie Hemphill of Cary for inspiring today’s blog. Bonnie is currently canoeing a glacial river in the subarctic region of Canada. It’s a 36 day journey on the Thlewiaza River in caribou country. Bonnie’s mom and dad, Nancy and Todd Hemphill told me about this summer adventure when I ran into them at a gym in Cary. The Hemphills are following Bonnie’s odyssey at the following website:

One of my favorite journeys was Milford Track in Fiordland National Park on the South Island of New Zealand in April.   I blogged extensively about the trip billed as "the finest walk in the world."

Early in life I took a couple of 50 mile one day physical fitness hikes in Western NC. Last weekend I retraced my youthful footsteps in the Foothills.

What are your great journeys? Please share.


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  • fishnett5977 Aug 5, 2009

    My life has been my greatest journey so far. Have been a few places that I had never been to, see things I thought I would never see and experienced things I didnt think I ever would. But my journey in life has been one experience after another... death of my parents and grandparents, marriage, birth of my 3 boys, death of my first marriage, finding friends and keeping them, finding some friends and losing them, working and learning that being an adult isnt as easy as you think when you are young! The growing up of my boys and learning to let go and let them lead their own lives. Having grandkids - understand why those bumper stickers are there that say "If I would have known GRANDKIDS were so much fun, I would have had them FIRST!!!"LOL Finding my soul mate, getting married again, enjoying my family and friends, learning to grow old - GRACEFULLY! lol I have experienced alot in my life and that journey will end some day. But not soon I hope. Still got more "journey" to do!!! :)

  • thinknc Aug 4, 2009

    Neither my husband nor I had ever been further west than Gatlinburg, so several years ago we got out the maps and planned a trip we hoped our kids would never forget. Our journey took us by Loretta Lynn's home, to the gates of Graceland, then to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. We traveled to Albuquerque, on to Four Corners, then Monument Valley. A day at the Grand Canyon was followed by visits to several state parks. We camped at Mesa Verde and hiked to some of the cliff dwellings. Very memorable was a train ride from Durango, Colorado to Silverton. We went as far west as Las Vegas, where we stayed for a night at the Excalibur. Back in Utah, we hiked at Zion National Park and later spent a night at Moab, followed by a day hiking in Arches Park. Heading back home, we spent a night in Colorado Springs, the next night in Dodge City, and another in Missouri before spending a final night camping near Mabry MIll, Va. Great memories!

  • LMRA Aug 4, 2009

    Mine is pretty lame compared to those already posted. Probably my best journey ever was to Cooperstown, NY to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I went alone in early May one year and pretty much had the whole place to myself (except for a couple with a baby and bus full of senior citizens). I was in awe of the whole place. Such history! The exhibits were wonderful. A total class act all the way! I was brought to tears looking at the replica of Thurman Munson's locker and was in awe in the plaque room!

    Like I said, it's pretty lame but to me, it was a wonderful journey.

  • lseltmann Aug 4, 2009

    I've had the pleasure of 2 great journeys. The first was a 15 day trip to Europe when I was in high school (a CHA tour). We went to England, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Though there wasn't a lot of time spent in each location, it was enlightening. My second great journey was a 2 week trip to Tokyo, Japan during Golden Week. A college buddy of my husband is Japanese and we stayed with him. I look forward to returning to Japan when our kids are a bit older. I also hope to get to Scotland one day since I have family history there. The greatest journeys of mankind to me would be the trip to the moon and trips to the ocean floors.

  • blytle Aug 4, 2009

    Wow, I can't come close to competing with hikes and canoe trips, but I did travel with The Friendship Force to Russia in 1982. We visited Moscow and Leningrad just days after Brezshnev died. In fact, then WRAL photographer Bruce Wittman had his camera equipment confiscated when he entered Moscow, even though arrangements have been made for him to shoot footage while there -- things were in an uproar with the death of the Soviet Premiere. It was an amazing and life-changing eight days. It would take too many words to share how powerful it was.

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