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10 Things I Miss

Posted July 16, 2009

Name ten things that you miss the most about your childhood. I’ll give a CD prize to the author of the best list.

Here are ten things I miss about my life in Morganton:

1. View of Table Rock from my kitchen window

2. Playing basketball til midnight at Chick Riddle’s house

3. Hitting my first Little League homerun & collecting baseball cards

4. My father’s voice and my mother’s smile

5. Grilled pimento cheese sandwiches

6. English class with Marilyn Williams

7. Butter pecan ice cream at Gene’s Drive-In

8. Sneaking a kiss in the first grade

9. Singing in the choir at Grace Church

10. Playing in my first band “The Beggars” (oh, what a name!)


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  • teresawilson Jul 17, 2009

    1. Going to grandma's and playing in the creeks and catching crawdads.
    2. Sliding down the banister at grandma's house.
    3. skipping rocks accross the ohio river. (stayed in maysville,Ky)
    4. going to see Rosemary Clooney at the Theater in Maysville,Ky. (She was born in Maysville,Ky and her grandfather was mayor also)
    5. Going to Brown's drive in to eat.
    6. Playing on the witches hat at the park during family reunions.
    7. Going fishing with my grandpa at Washington Park. 8. Being able to leave your doors unlocked and not having to worry about anything.(Can't do it now the world is to mean) 9. Play outside until midnight and playing games like cartoon freeze tag, red rover, hide & seek 10. the biggest thing is those endless summer nights....

  • teacher56 Jul 17, 2009

    The 10 things I miss are:
    1. All the different types of penny candy at the corner candy store.
    2. Family road trips in our Studebaker station wagon with the windows open and my hair flying about on a hot summer day.
    3. Grandma and Grandpa climbing up the stairs on Christmas morning with all the Christmas presents for us tied with twine and homemade wrapping paper from the Sunday funnies.
    4. Walking to school.
    5. Christmas trees decorated with tinsel and glass ornaments.
    6. Sitting in the backyard with my mom, dad, grandparents, and the next door neighbors for hours just talking the evening away. 7. My old metal skates that I needed a key to adjust! 8. Real homemade pound cake. 9. Listening to the old church hymns being played on an organ in church every Sunday and everyone knew the words! 10. Going to the bakery after church and smelling the just baked bread in all the baskets and pastries.

  • 1simplegirl Jul 17, 2009

    lynneslaughter - I almost added that to my list!!!

  • no more - no less Jul 17, 2009

    Things I miss:

    1. Stores being closed on Sunday.

    2. Picking blackberries along the side of the road on the way to Grandmama's house where she would then make blackberry dumplings.

    3. Summer nights where you slept with the screened windows open.

    4. The sound of late night traffic on Highway 17 (heard through those open screened windows).

    5. Finding baby birds and baby rabbits in their nests.

    6. The chrips of the early bird.

    7. Playing outside until after dark on hot summer nights.

    8. Swimming at the pool all day.

    9. Never worrying about which school you would be attending in the Fall (due to reassignment).

    10. Never worrying about not have the whole summer out of school (due to year round school calendar).

  • gymjudge Jul 17, 2009

    From Lexington, IL I miss: Walking home at dusk to the sounds of the Cubs/Cardinals baseball games drifting out of open, lace curtained windows, falling asleep on blankets covering the living room floor with all of my cousins while the parents laughed, talked and played cards at the dining room table, playing basketball with my Dad, bothers and their friends as the only girl and scoring over most of them, Friday night football games in small towns, the first snow flurries of the year, hot chocolate waiting for us after we built snowmen or a snow fort, my mother's hot potato soup when I was sick or just too cold, sleeping near the bedroom window on hot summer nights with a fan blowing softly with Mom always turning it off some time in the night so we wouldn't wake up cold, my first football game at U. Of Illinois with my Dad and watching Chief Illiniwik perform and being the first one up on camping trips and watching the sun rise.

  • GWALLY Jul 17, 2009

    (1) Summer vacations from school. (2) Staying out till mid night catching fire flies and never worring about crime or strangers. (3) Camping at Emerald Isle on the beach. (4) 45 cent gas.

  • subflexa Jul 17, 2009

    1. I miss water skiing on Jordan lake with my dad and sister when we were so little the boat almost didn't have to move to keep us up. 2. I miss the "Grand Easter Egg Hunt" with my sister and best friends. 3. I miss going to Brother's Pizza on Hillsborough Street with my family. 4. I miss ice skating at the Ice House in Cary. 5. I miss fresh corn out the garden. 6. I miss playing with my baby cousins (who are now in college). 7. I catching little frogs in the pond. 8. I miss my little white Maltese sister (well, dog, but she didn't know that). 9. I miss my dad carrying me on his shoulders up from the pond. 10. I miss my mom making homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner on Sunday.

  • ebwbrn Jul 17, 2009

    1. Going barefoot after you've spotted the first butterfly (it was a rule) 2. Making a playhouse out of old tobacco sticks and twine. 3. The smell of those rubber bathing caps we used to wear to swim 4. The smell of cotton candy at White Lake. 5. "Drink time" at mid morning and afternoon when we were barning tobacco. 6. Mama's chicken pastry and fresh vegetables. 7. Old beach music 8. Dating boys with "souped up" cars who would let you drive (even though you were only 15!) 9. Walking to town to the drug store to get a milkshake. 10. Riding around in Benson

  • lynneslaughter Jul 17, 2009

    lets not forget: breaking the end off of honeysuckle blossoms and letting that drop of sweet nectar fall on your tongue!!!

  • wildfrenchrose Jul 17, 2009

    1.Never losing the car keys--cause everyone left them in their car! 2.Sleeping with the windows open & only the screen door shut, not the wooden door. 3.Biscuits & gravy every morning for breakfast. 4.Leaving home in the early morning and not having to be home until dark. 5.Getting lost in the woods at the old family farm and Mom waiting by the road when we found our way out--she'd been lost enough times as a child that she knew where we'd come out at! 6. Penny bubble gum 7. $1/pack cigarettes! 8.Gas price wars at service stations 9. Full service gas stations 10. Being safe to walk home in the middle of the night when my ride fell thru.




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