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Stuck at 178

Posted July 15, 2009

I’m stuck at 178 lbs. There was no change in my weight over the last week. It could have been worse. I spent three sedentary days in the mountains and “was forced” to eat two scrumptious desserts made by my sister Stephanie. I’m lucky I didn’t weigh in at 179 or 180 this week. It’s time to re-group and re-commit. The Ten Pounds Down Weight Loss Challenge reveals the flaws of human behavior. I am determined to do better in the weigh-in one week from today.

Right now it is looking doubtful that I will make my goal of losing ten pounds in ten weeks. It may take me twelve weeks or thirteen weeks. I wil make the weight goal of 174 sometime this summer!

How about you? How is your weight and fitness program going? Please bring us up to date.

I’m excited about a new 12 week program I may start soon. It begins with a sophisticated fitness test that will specify precisely what my body needs in terms of exercise. I’ll have more on that later.


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  • melvinb Jul 20, 2009

    At the recommendation of a local chiropractor, I purchased the book "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Furhman and discovered an easy to follow and workable food plan. With the approval of my endocrinologist, I have just started my "Nutritarian" diet and lost 6 pounds in 4 days. My goal is to lose 100 pounds in 12 months....and be off all prescription medications for Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. With Dr. Furhman's plan, it's a goal I expect to attain easily, NEVER experiencing hunger pains and indulging in a big steak and a slice of cheesecake occasionally!

  • gymjudge Jul 16, 2009

    Thanks for the request! I have been eating so much more fruits and vegetables, trying to make my lunch the largest meal of the day and staying out of the kitchen! My family eats supper at 2-3 different times and I did not realize how often I tasted their food or ate "a little" with each of them. While on the road for vacation, I ate fast food salads in the car (husband driving) while everyone else ate their hamburgers and french fries. I picked my splurges carefully and did a lot of walking!! I kept busy talking to all of my relatives at the reunion and just kept busy. I also realized that I stay the same weight for 3-5 days and then lose 1-3pounds. That used to make me give up. Now I know that is just how my body works!

  • jenstog Jul 15, 2009

    (Bill- love the blog on weight loss- keep it up!)

    I've managed to loose just over 21 pounds over exactly 2 months to the- with hard work and total nutrition change.

    Still another 59 to go.

    After loosing an initial 15 lbs with my own routine I hired a personal trainer to help give me that extra kick in the seat.

    I'm working smart AND hard at my sessions and on my food choices. No more bread - with the execption of Ezekiel Sprout flourless bread (in the freezer section) and I only consume the 'outer ring' of the grocery store's products.

    Your blog and the comments others make are definitely a motivation I appreciate! Every bit of encouragement is cruicial, whether you have to loose 10 or 100 pounds.

    Keep it up everyone!

  • LMRA Jul 15, 2009

    I go to the doctor tomorrow morning. I'm NOT happy about what the scale will say. I was doing ok (holding at the same weight after losing about 4-5 lbs) until I went away this past weekend to a family reunion in NY. 2 days in the car for over 9 hours and 'road trip' food which is never good.

    Will check in tomorrow.


  • wolfmom402 Jul 15, 2009

    I have tried loosing weight for years and it goes off then comes back and brings more with it. I recently had a partial hystrectomy and gained 6 pounds in the days afterward and CANNOT get those 6 pounds off. HELP!!!

  • thefensk Jul 15, 2009

    I have still been in post July 4 slide ... like I said last week, it is hard to slow down the slide but I'm trying. Still at 210. At least I haven't gained, considering the cheating I've done; that is a definite plus.

  • dickle Jul 15, 2009

    After being diagnosed w/ diabetes, my endocronologist recommended I go on the South Beach diet. I wasn't morbidly obese, but my waist & hip measurements were the same. I strted on the diet 1/2/2009 & lost 25# - most of it "Belly fat" - in the first 3 months. Since then I've been stuck & still need to lose 10# more. Too much cheating! I wish they would ban pizza & cheeseburger commercials from TV. (Maybe I should stop watching TV & go exercise as my doc recommends)

  • alamm Jul 15, 2009

    gymjudge - Please share some of your secrets with the rest of us who are struggling.

  • gymjudge Jul 15, 2009

    I have passed my goal! As of this morning, I have lost 12 pounds and one office worker said something to me about losing weight!! (I had been down because NO ONE noticed all of my hard work!) I have been tempted and I have not always worked out as much as I should have so there is still room for improvement! Thanks for starting this Bill and I am not not stopping!!

  • mommymatters Jul 15, 2009

    Overall I have lost 4.4. At least a few of those I have lost more than once. :) You would think summer would make this so much easier but at least for my family we are just as busy as during the school year. So when we are busy it is eat on the run, when we aren't busy it is cook something wonderful that tastes good because we want to slow down, enjoy and eat! It's just human nature to want to have our cake, eat it too and not have it put on the pounds!




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