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Crazy mascot finalists

Posted July 7, 2009

And the winner of the crazy mascot contest is…………………..?  Well, we’ve decided to let you decide.  Please vote for one of the following unusual mascot names.   We will announce the winner on Monday and get a CD in the mail to that person right away.

Have you ever run into an angry okra plant? Well, I did this morning searching the web.

Mascot Finalists

1. NC Wesleyan Battling Bishops
2. Delta State University Fighting Okra
3. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
4. Scottsdale Community College Artichoke
5. Macon Whoopee (former hockey team in Macon, Georgia)
6. Savannah Sand Gnats (baseball team in Georgia)
7. Poca Dots (High school team in West Virginia)
8. Watersmeet Nimrods (Michigan school)
9. South Dakota State Jackrabbits
10. Toledo Mud Hens


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  • snowcat92 Jul 8, 2009

    The Fighting Okra cracks me up! He looks more like a pickle if you imagine him without the stem! He gets my vote, by veggie!

  • ottavina123 Jul 8, 2009

    The Fightin' Okra...America's most dangerous vegetable!

  • mdalrymple Jul 8, 2009

    FIGHTING OKRA!You can't beat an Okra who is skilled in the art of boxing.

  • danaeddins Jul 8, 2009

    FIGHTING OKRA! When I was in school there was an Okra-mobile (an old station wagon painted with the fighting okra). SUPER!

  • Smokin Jul 8, 2009

    Man, hard decision--Okra or slugs. Equally slimy. Of course, I'll eat okra.....

    Gotta go with the Slugs.

  • OnMyMind Jul 8, 2009

    UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

  • thefensk Jul 8, 2009

    I have to go with the Poca Dots.

    I have fought with okra before and lost, so I don't think that one is so funny.

  • wballanceunc Jul 8, 2009


  • Frizz Jul 8, 2009

    The coolest T-shirt I've ever seen was from South Dakota State. It had the school seal and under that it said "Sic 'em Bunnies!"

    But it's still not as cool as the Fighting Okra.

  • LMRA Jul 7, 2009

    Even though I thought the rules stated it should be a mascot from a school we attended, I'm voting for the Macon Whoopees!




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