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Bo's Birthday

Posted July 6, 2009

You can tell I’m still on a diet because I’m talking about food again today. Can you name the North Carolina fast food chain that began in Charlotte on this day in 1977? My grandmother loved their food. She and my grandfather lived in Charlotte on Clement Avenue. Once a month they would indulge themselves with a trip to the restaurant with the bright yellow and red sign. 

Yes, Bojangles’ was born on July 6, 1977 in a 600-square foot building. It was the dream of Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. They crafted a menu featuring fried chicken, dirty rice and pinto beans. Dinner rolls were served at first. It took a year before the famous Bojangles’ biscuit emerged.

I must admit I have a weakness for the Bojangles’ Cajun Filet Sandwich. I rarely order fries on the side but there’s a Bojangles’ in Elkin where they usually offer you a free order of fries with the purchase of a sandwich. That’s very tempting.

For discussion today – two questions:

(1) What is your favorite thing to order at Bojangles’?

(2) What is your favorite North Carolina product?


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  • donnaaa Jul 7, 2009

    I love the Bojangles in Elkin, but usually for breakfast when we leave town for a long drive early. I love the biscuits because my friend Betty was there and everyone here knows about Betty Biscuits!!!

    But, it is too hard to choose just one favorite NC product.I love BBQ in Wilson, butterbeans from Nash County, the brisket I used to find in Morganton by the River...where was that neat place? and finally, my favorite product everyone can get is Mt. Olive Pickles.

    I remember my grandfather in Nash County delivering cucumbers to a sorting facility. If I remember, it looked like a general store and you could watch the cucumbers outside under a shed rolling along a long conveyor contraption. I was little. I guess these places are still around?

    But, they said, these cukes were destined for Mt. Olive. And what a great website they have. It's interactive.

    And Mt. Olive, NC even has a pickle festival every April. Maybe next year!

  • khoggard Jul 6, 2009

    Cajun Filet Biscuit with cheese & seasoned fries!!! Oh so good. I think it is true about the chedder bo. We were on our way to Florida for vacation a few years ago & stopped just inside South Carolina on I-95 for breakfast at BoJangles because my son wanted a Chedder Bo. This was about 5:30 in the morning & the manager waited on us. When we ordered it, he just looked at us & said, "What's a Chedder Bo?" We told him a cheese biscuit & that is exactly what we got, a plain biscuit with a single slice of cheese on it. My son was not happy at all. MY favorite NC food would have to be our Bar-B-Que.

  • uncpir8 Jul 6, 2009

    Cajun filet biscuit combo with bo rounds and a mountain dew. My husband hates the onion taste of bo rounds, but I love them...I even get them at dinner time (I have to wait 4.5 minutes, but I can wait).

    Eastern NC BBQ and Krispy Kreme are my two favorite NC products, but I also love strawberry season!!!

  • synobia1 Jul 6, 2009

    My favorite thing to order at Bo's is the cajun filet biscuit combo. I love it! My favorite product from NC is barbecue (eastern _preferably from Parkers).

  • ToTheBeach Jul 6, 2009

    I was living in Charlotte when the first Bo's opened. Our office loved those biscuits and we would get up orders and we each had our turn making a "Bojangle's run" to pick them up.

    As far as favorite NC product - so many, but have to add in Krispy-Kreme donuts!!!

  • davidgnews Jul 6, 2009

    I like the Cajun Filet Biscuit combo, with tea so sweet it makes your teeth hurt, and when getting those awesome fries, "PUT THE SHAKER ON IT!"

    I'm lucky - I'm not trying to lose weight!

  • Glass Half Full Jul 6, 2009

    Favorite thing to order at Bojangles - Cajun Filet Biscuit. Favorite North Carolina product - Too many to name - BBQ, NC Mountains, Butterpeas grown in Nash Co., Did I say NC Mountains???

  • Beach Music Forever Jul 6, 2009

    Dirty rice. Pepsi.

  • bleslie Jul 6, 2009

    Happy Birthday RN2B! Let's put a candle on your Bo-Berry Biscuit!

  • ncsu91938 Jul 6, 2009

    I love everything they have, especially their cajun fillet biscuit. My favorite food from North Carolina is Eastern NC BBQ. Makes me wish I was at a pig pickin' now.




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