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Nicknames - take two

Posted June 9, 2009

Somehow my blog contest about nicknames got lost in the blizzard of bad news yesterday and didn’t make the front page headlines. Thanks to marywag or “Doodle-Bug” for her fine post. I thought we would extend the contest for one more day.

The person who posts the most interesting nickname and story behind that name wins a prize. I’ll send a copy of Ed Southern’s book Voices of the American Revolution in the Carolinas to the winner.

Just a reminder, tomorrow is weigh day in the Ten Pounds Down weight loss challenge. How is everyone doing? Please keep us posted.


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  • Yourekiddingme Jun 10, 2009

    My husband and his brothers grew up calling their dad, "Pappa." When the first grandchild was born we were all talking about what the grandchildren would call Brian's parents. My mother-in-law decided on Memeire (another story in itself), but my father-in-law didn't have any ideas. Joking, my husband proposed Pappa G (as in Grand--it has nothing to do with his name) like a rapper and crazily, it stuck! So, today, the grandkids call this brilliant MD who is their grandfather Pappa G, as if he were some gangster!

  • Killian Jun 10, 2009

    My nickname is Mick Gimptastico, given to me by my friend, Audra. I've been called Mick for years, as I'm Irish, and not really great at being politically correct. But I also have a disability and have to walk with a brace and a cane. I figure you have to keep a sense of humor about stuff like that, so I have a pirate flag sewn across the back of my wheelchair, and such.

    On one occasion, I'd done a bit too much that day and mentioned it to Audra. She chewed me out for pushing too hard and in the midst of trying to tell me that I didn't need to be a Super Woman, she somehow sputtered out that I had to be careful or I'd become "Gimptastic." I laughed so hard I cried, as did she, and since then, I have been Mick Gimptastico.

  • wolfpackpaula Jun 10, 2009

    When my husband and I tell people what our grandson calls us -- Gigi and Doodle -- they look at us like we just landed from another planet! Gigi or GG stands for Goofy Grandma because I'm always having fun & acting goofy -- and my husband did not want to be grandfather and preferred something original. So after watching Driving Miss Daisy a few years ago, and hearing Dan Akroyd say to his mother, "You're a doodle, Mama" -- when she was being stubborn, we adopted this phrase and started calling each other "Doodle" -- especially when either of us was being stubborn or hard-headed. It quickly became a term of endearment. Gigi and Doodle came to life April 15, 2005 when our first grandchild was born.

  • apdancer85 Jun 10, 2009

    I am the first born and only girl out of 4 grandkids. When I was a baby, my grandma would always call me "granny's goddess". Well, since I was the first born, it was up to me to make a name for my grandma. Since she always called me "goddess" or "granny's goddess", somehow I got "Grantis" out of that and 24 years later, everyone in the community and where she worked knows her as "grantis" and I am still "goddess" :)

  • dctalker Jun 10, 2009

    In college I went bowling with some friends of mine and we had split up into two teams of two and were competing against each other for the best combined score. I was the last person to bowl and only needed 7 pins for my team to win. I ended up inexplicably gutterballing both rolls. From then on my friends started sarcastically calling me Clutch.

  • happy Jun 10, 2009

    My late uncle, whose real name was Charles, was my Uncle Tater. Everyone called him that. Apparently it stemmed from a time when someone told him, he acted as if he just fell off a tater truck. I have to assume tater was used in the same way as turnip for this reference.
    Had a friend in college that was nicknamed Spud because as a baby he was allergic to almost everything but potatoes.
    Had a teacher in high school that refused to call me anything but states names, as my real name is Virginia. I was Tennessee one day and Maryland the next...never knew which state is was going to be, only which one it wasn't!

  • wballanceunc Jun 10, 2009

    My group of friends in high school was filled with nicknames. We had Pup, Gord, Flea, Strick 9, UbbaDB (me), T-Bone, Big Cat, and quite a few others. Pup was short for puppy because he played on the Varsity baseball as a freshman. Gord had a big head. Flea was, well like a flea. Stirck 9, I still don't know how that came about. My nickname UbbaDB was derived from my initials WDB and was given to me by Pup. T-Bone was derived from Thomas and Big Cat was one of those nicknames that the person gave themselves and it actually stuck. Also in college at UNC my fraternity brothers had some funny and lasting nicknames some of them I can't mention here. One that really stuck was Paint which was earned when he was pledging and writing a Wet Paint sign and went blank on how to spell Paint and did the wrong thing and asked an older brother. From then on he was know as Paint and was even introduced as Paint, for the longest time some people thought his actual name was Paint.

  • snoopy621 Jun 9, 2009

    as a child, my daddy would call me "nosey rosey". my middle name is rose and guess it is obvious where the "nosey" part must have come from! i wanted to know the "why" of everything! even as an adult, he continued to call me his "rose" to the point that when he was buried, the preacher introduced me as "miss rose" because he thought that was what i was actually called.

  • fishnett5977 Jun 9, 2009

    My nickname came from my Mom's only brother - my Uncle Buddy(whose real name was Lelan). He nicknamed me "fishnett" because, I guess, my name is Annette! He nicknamed my brother Ted -"Running Bear" - because of his name Ted(like teddy bear) and that song by the same name was popular back then. I have also carried the nickname, Ann, Annie, Nettie(my favorite!), Sis(from my brother!)lol, and "Carrot Farmer"(in high school my hair was red orange- not that color now- it deepened with age!lol)But my favorite name - not a nickname I guess - is Gammy! That's what my grandkids call me! My husband calls our granddaughter "Goodie" and our grandsons "Booger"(the oldest)and "Boogie"(the youngest). My twin grandsons Jeron and Ethan are know as "Jake" and "Elwood"(the Blues Brothers!)Nicknames are for the most part, terms of endearment but sometimes not!lol

  • mom2kids71 Jun 9, 2009

    My mom had given my oldest daughter the name "Sweet Cheeks". After she was born, the nurses wrapped her up in a blanket to give her to her daddy because it was a C-section and I couldn't hold her yet. The only thing exposed was her face and it was all cheeks! They were so chubby, you could hardly see anything else.




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